Byron Allen Net Worth 2019

Who is Byron Allen and what is his net worth 2019? Byron Allen is one of the most remarkable comedian personality in American television industry. He is particularly known for his to the point dialogue delivery and also for mind-blowing style of presentation of any character. He is also produced several TV shows that’s why he is having that much net worth.

Early Life

Byron Allen Folks, who was born on 22 April 1961 and grew up in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. is an American native. He is the son of Carolyn Folks who was a TV publicist. He is better known for his work in comic roles in several TV shows and Hollywood movies. Allen is also a TV producer and the founder of TV production company Entertainment Studios. He has also done couple of talk shows which are truly entertaining.

Byron Allen Net Worth

He attended Fairfax High School in Los Angeles and later got graduation from in University of Southern California and later at the age of 14 start to entertain people with his stand-up comedy in several comedy clubs throughout the Los Angeles area.

Allen got married with Jennifer Lucas, who is a television producer in the year 2007 and they have three children first two are daughter i.e. Chloe Ava (born on August 22, 2008) and Olivia Rose (born on April 7, 2010) and next is son Lucas Byron (born on December 11, 2012). They are living a happy life in their residence at Burbank, City in California, U.S.

Byron Allen is amongst the marvellous comedian ever produced in American TV industry. He worked as comedian, actor, writer, and talk show host that’s why some time called all round performer. Allen’s genre or style of comedy is observational comedy and the way of dialogue delivery is amazing which makes him a mind-blowing entertainer.


Allen started performing from his early age, when he was just 14, he used to go to comedy clubs in Los Angeles where he perform stand-up comedy in front of top class personalities. One day, Comedian Jimmie Walker viewed Allen’s standup performance and was so impressed with him and called Allen to join his comedy writing team.

At the age 18, he made first TV appearance in the “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. After that he had done a guest appearance on the new prime-time informational show, Real People. After getting enough experience in TV industry Allen begun his career in TV production.

In 1993, he started TV production from Los Angeles founded Entertainment Studios in which launched his first series “Entertainers with Byron Allen”. After getting success in production in 2009 he launched six 24×7 HD television networks simultaneously which are Pets.TV, Comedy.TV, Recipe.TV, Cars.TV, ES.TV as well as MyDestination.TV.

Although Byron Allen nominated in numerous awards and honours with his colleague but got success in achieving only few of them. He nominated for Daytime Emmy a number of time in numerous categories but finally got it in 2012, in the category of Outstanding Lifestyle Program for his work in Cars.TV (2009), he shared this award with colleague including Carolyn Folks (executive producer), Jennifer Lucas (supervising producer), Brandon Tansley (producer), Joan Robbins (co-producer).

Net Worth of Byron Allen

Byron Allen is not only a top class entertainer but also a TV show producer, due to which he is having a very hefty net worth. His estimated net worth is more than $330 million. If we take total of his production cost as well as his channel worth then we can say than Allen’s wealth is definitely more than $330 million.

Byron Allen has lots many production to do in his remaining career. He made all this possible due to continuous efforts and dedication towards his work. Allen is a true entertainer because he start working at his early age and get out of the past difficult time.