Bray Wyatt Net Worth

Who is Bray Wyatt? What is net worth of Bray Wyatt? Cult as the fearsome and gruesome wrestler in WWE, nobody would knew that he is a family man and is big inspirer to many out there in real life. He is nothing of the sought in real life as he presents himself on reel, wrestling ground on WWE. He is called the face of fear by all. He is the pillar of the Wyatt family in WWE, Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt is the ring name of Windham Lawrence Rotunda.

As many WWE superstars have family heritage from WWE, Bray Wyatt is no other. In fact, he is the third generation as a wrestler in his family. Wrestling is in his blood. His grandfather Blackjack Mulligan was known by his trademark Cowboy hat. His father Mike Rotunda too had a great stint in wrestling. Apart from Bray’s grandfather and father, his uncles, Barry Windham and Kendall Windham were also well known wrestlers. Now Bray Wyatt and his younger brother Taylor Rotunda are carry forwarding their league and family tree. Taylor Rotunda is known by his ring name of Bo Dallas.

Bray Wyatt Net Worth 2017-2018

Bray went to Hernando high school but left college to be a professional wrestler. In his high school, Bray was the winner of wrestling championship where he weighed 275 pounds (2005). Back home, Bray has a beautiful family, a wife and two beautiful daughters.

Bray Wyatt Net Worth

Bray Wyatt is one of the upcoming superstars of WWE. His net worth estimated is $2.5 million US dollars as of 2017. Going by his market value and the reputation he have in WWE, his income and net worth is going to increase in next couple of years.

Bray Wyatt Assets

Bray Wyatt owns a 2500 sq ft house in Brooksville in Florida. He purchased the said house in the year 2014 at $2, 05,000. He lives there with his wife and two daughters. Bray has a unique look with his long hair traces open, having a cap and wearing a open shirt sometimes sleeveless in the ring. Bray’s body is full of tattoos.

Bray Wyatt Business Model

Hardly anybody knew that Bray Wyatt has studied journalism at his college. He underwent broadcast journalism and this can be a reason for Bray Wyatt’s perfect delivery in front of camera. He was a great footballer and wanted to be a professional footballer too. But he followed his father and grandfather footsteps and is now well known as epitome of spookiness in WWE. Bray Wyatt have faced too many match loss as against to win but his potential is much more and he is proving as the days are passing.

Bray Wyatt has been wrestling professionally since year 2009. His ring name was Alex Rotunda and then Duke Rotunda. He teamed with his brother Bo Dallas and won Florida Tag Team Championship. In the year 2010, he joined NXT with the ring name Husky Harris and formed a team Nexus having a good run in the year. Bray then went on to FCW for two years where he wore a mask while wrestling.

Rotunda formed a new character named Bray Wyatt in 2012 who was mysterious, gruesome and gave everybody chills. The inspiration of Bray Wyatt came from his old school friend named Bray White who suffered injuries in accident resulting into unknocked harm on his face. The music, entry exit etc was all decided by Bray and WWE took a chance, which was fruitful.

He formed a Wyatt family with Eric Rowan and Luke Harper and attacked each wrestler of WWE. For the next couple of years the family was shown broken but they returned back in 2015 and are still going strong. His finishing moves are Running Senton and Sister Abigail prior to kiss in forehead. He has not won so many matches or championships in his carrier but his run has been good till now.

Bray Wyatt has good start this year with defeating wrestlers at elimination Chamber and winning the WWE Championship for the first time. The same night Randy Orton and Wyatt had a sort out after Randy confirming of their allegation and not fighting against him in Wrestle mania but after 2 weeks, Randy Orton recently burned down the compound of Wyatt family house where reportedly Bray’s sister Abigail spirit was there.

Rotunda’s career, which was at a doom, took a great start after his debut as Bray Wyatt and family stint on WWE. His career begins to rise to a new height and now his market value has increased in Wrestling industry. Family man back at home, Bray Wyatt is the epitome of fear and spiritually blessed wrestler in the ring. 2016 has been a good year for him and start of 2017 has been even good. With new championship in hands and new rivals, Bray Wyatt has way more to go in wrestling industry.