Anthony Cumia Net Worth 2019

Who is Anthony Cumia and what is his net worth 2019? The world-known comedian and host of the radio talk show “Opie and Anthony” is no other than Anthony Cumia. The show started its journey in Chicago but then it was replaced to New York in 2002. His career started with singing in a band, Rotgut which marks why net worth of Anthony Cumia is so high.

Early Life

Anthony Cumia was born in Elwood, New York on 26th April 1961. Cumia also has two other siblings Dawn and Joe. He went to Elwood-John H Glenn High School but didn’t complete it there. Throughout his childhood he lived in California with one parent, his father. Before his career in radio began he had worked in installing, ventilation, heating, air conditioning etc. He was inspired by Don Imus and Howard Stern for starting his radio career.

Anthony Cumia Net Worth

Cumia met his first wife, Jennifer Cumia, while she dating Joseph, his brother. They dated in 1989 and then further got married. In 2002, they got divorced with a sad note after being together for about 12 years. He then dated Jill Nicolini during 2008 and then Melissa Stetten during 2012. He spent some of his time in a rehab in the year 2016 for an unknown reason. He supports the National Rifle Association and thus has permits of carrying one. He currently is a resident of Long Island.


His radio career started after he met Hughes for a contest on a show that took place on Long Island Station. They created parody for a song together and the song was a new hit. Cumia also helped producing hits along with Hughes that became popular on her show and in 1995 they started hosting their own show. They took up an offer to host shows for WAAF in Boston, Massachusetts and that is when they started “Opie and Anthony” in the year 1995. He wasn’t satisfied with the money he made doing the radio shows and claimed them to be somewhere similar to “labour wages”.

He had also hosted the Gameday, along with Opie which was a pre-game show before football games. They also did a comedy tour, “The Travelling Virus” in the years 2006, 2007 & 2008. He has also appeared in games like “Grand Theft Auto”, “Red Dead Redemption” etc. Anthony and Opie also compiled some parts of their show and released a show called “Demented World” which came up on WAAF. He was once fired because of some racial remarks that he had made during his radio show on several communities.

Cumia had also built his own studio while he was an employee for SiriusXM, in his house. In 2012, he started “Live from the Compound”, which was a hobby at first but talked about several different programs. He retired from the work during 2014. In 2015, the whole show expanded to “Compound Media” along with some other shows. One of the frequent guests in his show is the famous comedian, Dave Atteli. He is also known by his nickname “ANT”. His radio work owns him quite a good amount of money.

Net Worth of Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia, the worldwide popular radio artist has a net worth of around $16 Million. He is majorly known for his show that he hosted with Opie, a talk show on Radio. They both earned around $5 million for every year as they were a part of the complete $30 million pact. During the time he did the shows, he had earned a lot and then after he had created his own studio, he also started new shows that were worth millions.

Despite having so many pitfalls, problems and going to rehab, he has created his name for the world and is continuing to do so after years of loss. His past has made him stronger and thus he kept shining.