Andy Dinh Net Worth 2019

Who is Andy Dinh and what is his net worth 2019? Andy Dinh is a former professional League of Legends (LOL) player better known from his nickname “Reginald”. He is the Owner of Team SoloMid and deals with public relations department. LOL video game winning prize contribute him to achieve this net worth. Currently, after retirement Andy become the SoloMid team’s Coach as well as Analyst.

Early Life

Andy Dinh was born on 19 April 1992 and growing up in San Jose, California and a descendant from Vietnamese immigrants. He is retired professional League of Legends (LOL) player and better known as “Reginald”. He attended Westmont High School in Campbell. He started playing video games at an early age and begun to play this amazing LOL game at its beta phase.

Andy Dinh Net Worth

In 2009, he developed a website for his team called SoloMid.Net. At early stage, he was the part of the team “All or Nothing”. Andy later joined Counter Logic Gaming but remain there for only one month. After that he moved onto Team SoloMid (TSM) in 2011 and became the mid laner for the team. He is the iconic founder and leader of Team SoloMid as well as owner and manager of the TSM organisation.

He known for having a very aggressive play style in the mid lane. He has competed in several LAN events such as MLG, IEM, and IPL. After successfully completing the Season 2 World Championship, He announced his retirement from professional League of Legends (LOL). He now become the team’s coach cum analyst and moreover, a strategy maker for professional events.


Andy Dinh started playing professional LOL in 2009 and part of the team “All or Nothing” but left the team due to conflict with his brother Dan Dinh due to differences in play-style between the brothers. He then joined Counter Logic Gaming in November 2010 and dropout only after one month in December 2010. In January 2011, he founded Team SoloMid (TSM) and became the owner of the team and the captain also. Andy was known for having a very aggressive play-style, especially in Season 1, as a mid laner. TSM’s success is owed to his mind-blowing skills and strategic planning.

Andy retired from competing at the end of the 2013 season and brought in Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg in 2013 from Denmark to fill his previous position in mid lane, a move which reinvigorated the TSM squad. During his retirement he said to become a manager for Team SoloMid, but later announced that he would instead remain as the team’s Mid Laner, he has since stepped down from Mid Lane and has become the team’s coach cum analyst. He is fully a mind-blowing strategy maker for his team.

Andy Dinh, won several prizes during his journey as a League of Legends (LOL) player. In 2010, he won 1st price in Newegg Winter Wanfest. In 2011, his team achieve several awards whether it is CEVO Champions Challenge or World Cyber Games Grand Finals won 1st position in that events. There is long list of achievement in the year 2012, most famous award was IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown which they got under the leadership of Andy Dinh. Before retirement Andy with his team TSM won Season 3 NA LCS Spring in 2013 which was his remarkable achievement for his LOL career.

Net Worth of Andy Dinh

Andy Dinh gained net worth from playing League of Legends (LOL) game although he loves to play other video games but LOL is one of the most loving game for him and which contribute a lot in his net worth. According to sources and friends, Andy’s net worth is approximately more than $1.5 million which is a hefty amount for a teenager youth. Moreover, he now worked as a coach for team TSM which also raises his net worth.

Andy Dinh has lot many things to do in his upcoming future. We hope from him to achieve more success in life and use his experience to teach other player this lovely video game that is League of Legends (LOL).