Andrew McCollum Net Worth 2019

Who is Andrew McCollum and what is his net worth 2019? Andrew McCollum is known as a co-founder of Facebook as well as he worked as an angel investor. You can just predict that net worth of Andrew Mccollum is obviously in millions, grossed from his works being co-founder of Facebook and as investor, get more details below:

McCollum appeared in Harvard University along with co-founder named Mark Zuckerberg as well as some others on founding team. This celebrity worked at Facebook during 2004 till 2007. Originally, he served on Wirehog, known as a file sharing based program, collectively with Adam D’Angelo. He came back to Harvard College, as well as completed graduation in year 2007 through a Bachelor’s degree in field of Computer Science and then he appeared for master’s degree in education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Andrew McCollum Net Worth

He was also an associate of Harvard team which contested in the 31st Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest within Tokyo, getting second place in regional contests after Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Initially, Andrew McCollum worked as a cofounder of JobSpice, known as an online resume preparation type tool. He presently works as Tycoon in Residence at New Enterprise Associates as well as at Flybridge Capital Partners. It was in year 2014 that he was declared as latest Philo CEO, following Christopher Thorpe.


His career later took a turn when he was appearing as a student at Harvard University. Here, he became friends with famous celebrity named Mark Zuckerberg as well as both of them appeared in classes together, particularly the classes delivered on operating systems. These persons devoted excessive quality time in Harvard deliberating different projects. Out of all the different projects, it was Facebook project which they discussed most.

Throughout the spring period of the university, he got one email from Mark Zuckerberg. Originally he was unwilling as he was essentially not an accomplished graphic designer. However, afterwards he was persuaded by Mark. He essentially designed original logo as well as icons for this site.

It is found that he left college in order to devote more amount of time for the development of that project. Afterwards, he was again back to complete his academic degree. Being engaged in Facebook was actually an once-in-a-lifetime type experience for him. This team never formerly supposed that their creation would turn out as an implausible world changing service someday.

However they always demonstrated potential inside it. They functioned hard to create the features of this app more user-friendly. He, with Adam D’Angelo (known as a co-founder as well as CEO of Quora), too started one file sharing system which was connected to Facebook, named as Wirehog. In year 2009, this celebrity remained as developer and founder of a site named JobSpice. This site assists users to make their cover letters as well as resumes.

Andrew McCollum got married to Gretchen Sisson in year 2012. Sisson is recognised as a sociologist. The celebrations of the day were charted in XML (i.e. Extensible Markup Language). It is known that Kevin Der prepared wedding themed puzzle to create the wedding celebrations more fascinating. Musicians at the marriage performed few excellent pieces comprising the theme song from Indiana Jones. The corresponding guests enjoyed a sumptuous feast of Mexican food as well as sushi. This wedding was known as a profligate wedding.

Net Worth of Andrew McCollum

Andrew McCollum is globally recognised as an American based co-founder of greatest social app Facebook as well as worked as an angel investor, amassing net worth of $22 million. He worked with famous celebrity of Facebook i.e. Mark Zuckerberg and he served for Facebook during 2004 till 2006. He too amassed his wealth by being a co-founder of JobSpice as well as he is Entrepreneur in Residence at New Enterprise Associates and also in Flybridge Capital Parners.

Andrew Mccollum is the man responsible behind the greatest social media app that we use i.e. Facebook, as he is its co-founder. Being intelligent in computer programming, he developed many apps till date.