Alastair Aiken Net Worth

Who is Alastair Aiken and what is his net worth 2018? Alastair Aiken is a British video produce best known for his Vlogs on YouTube. Alastair Aiken is also known as Ali-A. He has two YouTube channels with a total subscription of 9 million. He is active since 2009 and has more than 2 billion views on his videos. In 2015, he was awarded by the Guinness Book of world records for Most Popular Call of Duty channel by views and most popular Call of Duty channel by subscription. Ali-A calls his follower as Ali-A Army.

Alastair Aiken was born on November 06, 1993 in the United Kingdom and holds British nationality. Ali-A has specialised himself in gaming and uploading several videos relating to games. Nothing much is known about his personal life and education. He once told that he was bullied in his school but the name of the school is not known. He has a sibling Simon and there is no information regarding his parents.

Alastair Aiken Net Worth

Ali A is dating a famous Youtube personality Clare Siobhan who is a marketing Professional at Xbox. They are going strong since 2015.

Ali-A is a professional YouTuber and has a record subscription, following, and views on his channel. He has uploaded more than 2100 videos and has a view of more than 2.3 billion. The major work he does is commentaries and reviews of video games as he plays them. He has a unique style of explaining and commenting on the video game.

Most of his gaming videos cover Call of Duty franchise but this not always the case. His second channel More Ali-A covers familiar games like Minecraft and he also uploads Vlogs related to his day to day travel and life.

When new series of Call of Duty games are about to be released. He gives an in-depth analysis of the game and when the game is released, he plays and guides his followers on how to finish the whole game and complete all the levels. Ali-A’s channel is in top-50 among the network and he has signed a deal with YouTube’s Multi-Channel Network in 2013. Ali-A has made his appearance on the TV show The Gadget Show as a speaker in 2013 and 2014.

He owns various gaming hardware like Playstations 3 and PlayStation 4, X Box 360, X Box etc. He not only loves uploading games video but also liv to play them. He plays his games on iPhone, Alienware PC, and Nintendo Switch.

He was nominated for British Online Creator Awards in the category Game of the Year in 2016. In 2015, he created four Guinness World records for most popular call of duty views and subscription, for building the longest staircase in one minute in Minecraft and for collecting most blocks of woods in 3 minutes in Minecraft.

Aiken often attends Electronic Entertainment Expo and another gaming expo. In 2013, Aiken wrote a blog in Huffington Post and later he was recognised as the most influential entities globally and was at the front in the online revolutions.

Redbull’s Sports division has named his main YouTube channel as the biggest call of duty channel. has named Aiken as the 17th most famous YouTuber in the world.

Alastair Aiken Net Worth

Alastair Aiken who begin with Matroix as his YouTube channel who has a widespread influence and has gained prominence in the YouTube Community. Ali-A has a total worth of $6 Million and his wealth is growing with every year.

Most of his money comes from commercials that are posted on his YouTube videos. He also has sponsors like Kontrol Freak and Monster. Apart from Youtube videos, he earns from merchandising, advertisements, sponsoring and endorsements.

With his popularity growing every year, Alastair Aiken aka Ali-A’s income and fame would be increasing and reach new heights. He has a habit of Uploading one-two videos every day and his passion and habit has made him an overnight Youtube sensation. Apart from Youtube, he has a big fan following on other social media platforms as well. His Instagram and Twitter have over 2 million followers.