Zaytoven Net Worth 2019

Who is Zaytoven and what is his net worth 2019? Zaytovens real name is Xavier L. Dotson, he is an American Record Producer, a DJ and a pianist. He comes from Atlanta, Georgia. He was born on January 12, 1980. He is the oldest out of four children and he was born in Frankfurt, Germany. His father was a preacher who worked in a church and his mother was a choir director. Zaytoven, including his siblings, had learned how to play instruments which were in church bands.

Early Life

Zaytoven, on the other hand, showed more interest towards piano and organ. In middle school, Zaytoven became a rap covert after he listened to a friend’s cassette single of Dr Dre’s. It is said that, in Atlanta, he enrolled in a local barber college and began cutting hair, in order to finance his studio. He has got his professional name Zaytoven from the German pianist and a composer Ludwig van Beethoven because of the numerous similarities which both of the musicians possesses.

Zaytoven Net Worth


He initially began working with Gucci Mane. He is said to be a DJ and producer who has worked with many artists like Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Future. He first started his career by making beats for local San Fransico artists like Messy Marve and San Quinn. He also started selling beats to local area rappers. It is said that, between 2009 and 2015, he has released 15 mix tapes and also including 8 alone in 2015.

He has worked with Usher for the top 40 hits “Paper” and also with Migos for their hot 100 hits called, “Versace”. He has also worked with other notable artists like Soulja boys, Gorilla Zoe, Young Jeezy and Juiceman. He was awarded a Grammy Award in 2011 and it was because of his immense contribution to the Usher’s v. Raymond Album. He is said to be a co-producer and also a writer for the single solo for Sean Garrett’s “Papers”.

He is said to have the ability to spot the diamond in the dirt and has the perspective of seeing an artist’s ability and because of that, he has developed many artists into super stars. This has made the certified platinum producer far away from the competition. He has the ability to express his poetry and passion through strings, keys and drumheads.

He is said to be wearing lots of hats and he continuously tries reinventing himself and his music as well, which has become a vital force in today’s entertainment industry. Zatoven has particularly proved that he has the ability to move from one genre to another through the success of “papers” which was Usher’s hit single and which has claimed number one spot on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop song chart. The other notable works of Zaytoven are Def Jam’s Big Bank Black own “Try it out” which has featured Kandi. The release of Plies classic song “Awesome” has broken the record of the Rap and Hip-Hop charts.

He had the opportunity to meet the rap legend, during the time in the US west coast, who is known as JT the Bigga Figga.

He made a move to Atlanta and mad his way to establishing his brand as a practical producer and a song writer on the music scene. He constructed a studio in the basement for recording songs. It is said that Mane and Zaytoven connected immediately and it is said that they had an undeniable chemistry. It resulted in a hit single called “So Icy” in 2005 which was on no. 23 on the Billboard’s hot rap track charts during that time. It is said that he has a knack or an ability for developing raw talent and he also recognises the ability to support new artists.

Net Worth of Zaytoven

His net worth is estimated $2.2 million.

Thus, Zaytoven is the best thing that happened in the entertainment industry. His tracks and singles were mesmerising and he has made many person’s careers’s a success. His uniqueness is to be cherished. He takes traditional rudiments of the church culture to create a unique sound which will constantly provide him with the inspiration he needs.