Yiruma Net Worth 2018

Who is Yiruma and what is his net worth 2018? Lee Ru-ma, best known as Yiruma was born in 1978 in South Korea. He was raised there but he finished his education in England. He began his music career when he was five when he started to play piano and because of his genius and enormous talent, he moved to London in order to study at the Purcell School of Music. After that his career was amazing, he frequently performs at sold-out concerts in North America, Europe, and Asia. After he graduated from the Purcell School of Music he completed a King’s College London a composition major in the summer of 2000.

His alma mater helped him to gain worldwide recognition and popularity. His most popular pieces are Love Hurts; Kiss the Rain, River Flows in You and May Be. He has dual citizenship, British and South Korean however he has up his British citizenship in order to serve South Korean Navy. Yiruma is married with Son Hye-I’m and they have a daughter that was born in 2007. He is a Christian and also he composed a piece with a title “Lord…Hold my Hand”. His net worth depends on his soundtracks, record sales and sold out concerts.

Yiruma Net Worth

When he was studying at King’s College he released his first album “Love Scene” for DECCA records. His pieces are filled with romantic and sentimental passages similar to romanticism in Germany during the 19th century. He also participated in various musical tours through Europe during his study years. He made a historical impact in Korea because he was the first Korean ever to perform at the MIDEM in Cannes. In the beginning he released the album through Europe and Asia, however, he also released digital version which is available on iTunes and Amazon.


In 2001 he released one of the most popular albums of that year “First love”, and the most popular piece was “River Flows in You”. His next albums were more experimental than the first ones, and he also made the top of the charts for his particular genre. When he had 12-city Korean tour that was followed by huge success and sellout that gave him full control over his future projects and career.

In 2006 he released his fourth album “POEMUSIC” and he composed the main theme for KBS drama Spring Waltz. He composed many pieces for movies and musicals. Even though he was successful all around the world, he participated in South Korean military and because of that he resigned UK citizenship and choose to serve the military as a Korean Navy.

In 2008 he completed his services and began to plan his Come Back tour in more than 20 cities all across Kore. He also participated in numerous projects and maybe the most interesting were his DJ role on Yiruma’s Music from All around the World project.

In 2010 he declined to contract with Stomp Music and signed with Sony Music Entertainment Korea. Because of that, he was involved in court injunction because Stomp Music wanted to prohibit Yiruma to sell his own music, however, he filed an objection and court was on his side.

His musical style focuses on the new-age sound that is closely connected with contemporary classical music in movies and TV dramas. He popularised classical music to the young generation and his piano instrumentation is labelled as a new classical. However, the forms of his music had influence from pop culture and music so in order to understand his music we don’t have to be familiar with musical history. He goes from classical to wedding pieces and world music.

Net Worth of Yiruma

The structure of his music is different than other artists in these times; however, we can find his musical genius unbelievable and say that his way of old-school composing goes well in combination with popular and world music. We can expect from him more albums and soundtracks, maybe Grammy, Oscar, everything that could help him to achieve more wealth and net, and to give new artistic expression of the modern age. We can proudly say that he is our modern Mozart, prodigy child from South Korea that made an impact on music history and aesthetic.