Vivian Campbell Net Worth 2019

Who is Vivian Campbell and what is his net worth 2019? Vivian Patrik Campbell is a well-known Northern Irish Rock Guitarist who started his career in 1980’s as the member of Dio. He was born on 25 August 1962 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He currently lives in South California. Lily Rose and Una Marigold are his two daughters with ex-wife Julie Campbell.

In 2014, he married his longtime love, Caitlin Phaneuf, after getting divorced with Julie Campbell. He is a devoted Vegetarian. In 2013, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and had done three rounds of chemo and stem cell transplant.

Vivian Campbell Net Worth


One of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band, Sweet savage, was joined by Vivian at the age of 15. They released their first single “Take no Prisoners” in 1981. He joined Dio in 1983 and left Sweet Savage. The album Holy Diver was a huge success. The biggest hit was “Rainbow in the dark” and a concert video called “In Concert” was released. After that, the album called “The Last In Line” was on the top, at No.23 in the US. The last song Campbell recorded with Dio includes “Hide in the Rainbow” which was for the Iron Eagle soundtrack.

Campbell joined the British hard rock band Whitesnake in 1987 and left the previous band. John Sykes was fired and the new glammed up Whitesnake included Campbell. Later on, Campbell was fired after the band’s 1987-1988 world tour. Lou Gramm’s second solo album called “Long Hard Look” was played by him after he was fired on the previous one. Campbell didn’t join because he was a free agent then and later on joined the group “Riverdogs”. He was an official member of the band and in 1990 he contributed to the eponymous debut album.

Though Vivian Campbell started his career from Dio, he became a famous guitarist after joining the rock band Def Leppard and replaced Steve Clark after his demise. It was said by the co-guitarists that he was able to fit in the position perfectly by just being himself. The show in Dublin club was where he made his first debut with the band.

The band performed ”Animal”, “Let’s Get Rocked” and Queen classics, on 20th April 1992, with the new guitarist at the Freddie Mercury Concert for Life. ‘Two sides of if’ was the solo album released by Campbell in 2005 and was produced by Tor Hyams and it also features one of his favourite blue tunes and one original blues song.

Campbell was inspired to play aggressively in 2010-11 because he joined Thin Lizzy after Def Leppard took a break and it was said to be his long time favourite band. The Album Heavy Crown was recorded by Jimmy Bain and Vinny Appice with the singer Andrew Freeman and it was the idea if Vivian Campbell to bring them all together but Bain died before the album’s release but Campbell praised his creativity and hard work and also said that he deserved co-writing credits.

Net Worth of Vivian Campbell

Vivian Campbell has a whopping $22 million of net worth and the reason for his immense fortune include music royalties, there is a good amount of income from tour ticket sales and brands are also highly marketed which results in a high amount of sales.

Thus, Vivian Campbell is anxiously awaited to rock the floor and mesmerise the audience with his true talent. His previous performances were awestruck and it filled listeners heart with immense love for music and is also expected to do so now.