Travis Greene Net Worth 2019

Who is Travis Greene and what is his net worth 2019? You can call it ‘luck’ or even the ‘Miracle of God’. At least, Travis Greene’s mother, Charleather Greene believes it to be nothing less than a miracle. Born on 17 January 1984, Travis Montorius Greene is an American pastor first and then, a gospel musician. He owed it to Jesus for having saved his life not once, but twice.

The life of Travis Greene has been an eventful one right from his first day on this planet. In fact, the doctors pronounced him ‘stillborn’. His mother, a minister in the military prisons refused to accept this fact. She prayed to Jesus fervently. Miraculously, Travis started breathing. The doctors could not believe it. Similarly, when he was just four years old, he fell from the fourth-floor balcony. No one could expect anyone to survive such a fall, except, of course, Charleather Greene. The powers of Jesus came into play once again to resuscitate him and breathe life into the little fella.

Travis Greene Net Worth

By this time, Travis had nothing to do with music. When he was just five years old, his father lost his life because of an aneurysm. Surprisingly, Travis developed an interest in music. He believes that it was Jesus’ way of saving him from the drugs and crime-ridden society. He developed the talent to play any musical instrument he could lay his hands on at that time. Travis considers this talent as a gift from Jesus.


He started his professional music career with the release of the album, ‘The More’ on 04 December 2007. His next release, ‘Stretching Out’ hit the Billboards ‘Top Gospel Albums’ chart at #27. Many of his subsequent songs hit high rankings with his single, ‘Intentional’ peaking at #1.

Travis Greene owes his life to Jesus. He has decided to offer his musical services to the Lord. Today, he leads a ministry in the church, Forward City. He is at present based in Columbia in South Carolina along with his wife, Jackie and his children.

Education: Travis’ mother was serving in the military. Hence, she used to travel to far-off places such as Columbus, Georgia, and Germany. He spent a major part of his childhood in Georgia where he attended his schooling along with his siblings, Kim, and Shalonda. He was in the Georgia Southern University for a while as well.

Net Worth of Travis Greene

Travis Greene is more at home serving the Lord than singing and recording albums. He believes that it because of God’s wish that he is alive today and able to entertain people. Travis Greene net worth is $2.4 million. However, Travis does not covet this money at all. He feels that serving the Lord is more important than earning such material gains. He agrees that money is important in life but it pales into insignificance when you weigh it with the joy you get while serving the Lord. According to him, nothing in life is more important than Jesus is.

Travis started playing music by accident rather than by choice. After his father’s death at a young age, Travis discovered accidentally that he could play any musical instrument. You may call it as God’s gift. However, from that day, he did not look back. He started gospel singing while quite young.

He attained fame when his second song, ‘Stretching Out’ started to move up the ratings on the Billboards. He reached his peak with the song, ‘Intentional’ in 2015. This song ranked #1 on the Billboards for a while. He has had a couple of Grammy nominations as well.

Travis is lucky to be alive today. In fact, he owes his very existence to Jesus. According to him, nothing is bigger than serving the Lord. He acknowledges the presence and the powers of the Lord. Hence, he has decided to spend the rest of his life in His service.