Tom Petty Net Worth

Who is Tom Petty and what is his net worth 2018? There are musicians out here that always have their fans eating from the palm of their hands. This is because of the level of excellence in their music. They always produce songs that can communicate directly to the hearts of the people. This coupled up together with the fact that they have been in the entertainment industry long enough to build their brand only means more money in their pockets. Such a musical artist is one Mr. Tom Petty whom I know is no stranger. If you think he is then maybe you can recognise him more easily when you hear the name ‘Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.’

Tom Petty, born as Thomas Earl Petty, was born in the year 1950 in October, in Florida, United States of America. Petty attended Gainesville High School, and while he was 17 years, he joined a band called Mudcrutch and dropped out of school. His father was not a fan of his choices, and their relationship became estranged.

Tom Petty Net Worth 2018-2019

He would abuse Tom Petty both verbally and physically as often as he could. Because of this, he became more close to his mother and brother. His interest in Rock and Roll was stirred up in him after he saw Elvis Presley and he was only ten years old by then. He also knew he wanted to be in a band after seeing the famous Beatles on Ed Sullivan’s show. He learned how to play guitar, and here we are, writing about him.

Tom Petty started a band called the Epics and later renamed it to Mudcrutch. The band featured Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench who became future Heartbreakers members. Their initial recordings did not attract much attention to them, and the only song that became popular was the ‘Depot Street.’

Later the group split, and though reluctant, Petty pursued a solo career. Later, Tom Petty and Campbell decided to collaborate with Tench’s band, and this was the first song to come from the Heartbreakers. The debut album they released did well among the American Fans but did excellently in Britain.

In 1988, Tom Petty joined Travelling Wilburys, which was a group formed by George Harrison. They released numerous hit songs like End of the Line, Handle with Care, and many others. In 1989, he released Full Moon Forever, which was his first solo album and it did well in the market. It has numerous hits like Free Fallin’, I Won’t Back Down, and others. Later in the year 1991, he reunited with the Heartbreakers, and they released numerous amazing hits together.

In 1991, Petty signed a lucrative deal with the Warner Bros. Records, and he has been with them until now. He has released numerous hit songs under the record as solo hits and has also worked with the Heartbreakers. In 2005 he hosted his show that was called Buried Treasure, and this show featured songs from his collection. As of present, he still hosts this show on channel 31 under Sirius satellite radio, and they helped him launch Tom Petty Radio on channel 31 in the year 2015. Petty has also featured in acting. He has been part of the cast for Made in Heaven, The Postman, and other shows.

Tom Petty net worth

Tom Petty net worth is $100 million. He is worth every dollar he makes. His net worth primarily comes from his singing career.

As a singer, songwriter, record producer, instrumentalist, and actor, Tom Petty is one of the people that you can look up to and admire. Especially for the fact that he stood up to his father and chose a path for himself. Sometimes courage is what we need to make it in life.