TobyMac Net Worth 2019

Who is TobyMac and what is his net worth 2019? TobyMac is a stage name for Toby McKeehan. He was born on October 22, 1964. He is a famous hip hop music artist, musician, songwriter, and author. He is married to Amanda, who is a Jamaican. She is the daughter of Judy and Robert Levy. She married TobyMac in the year 1994. Together they have five children. The first born is Truett (September 4, 1998), then twins Moses and Marlee who were adopted in 2002. After that a baby boy named Leo, who was born on November 2, 2004. Two years after Leo, on 24th of March Judah was born. They all live happily live in Franklin, Tennessee.

As a kid, he grew up in the suburbs of northern Virginia, Washington DC. Therefore rap music had a lot of influence on him. He attended the Liberty University in Lynchburg during the mid-80’s. This is the place he met Kevin Max and Michael Tait, who together performed and made a band.

TobyMac Net Worth

These three went on to win a Grammy. Their music was popular and platinum selling. They mixed three kinds of the genre – CCM, rap, and grunge. Their group was called the DC Talk.

Net Worth of TobyMac

With good luck on his side, he has sold many albums. It is believed that he has sold about ten million albums. This has increased his net worth. He has won seven Grammy Awards. Along with music he also writes books related to Christianity. He has also worked as a president of the Gotee Records. When he pursued his solo career, more than 20 singles made it to the Billboard of the top Christian Songs. He has an amazing net worth of $12.5 million.

As mentioned, TobyMac doesn’t only sing solos with best top Christian music, but also has many side businesses. He is the president of the Gotee Records. He has written many books about Christianity.

After making some fresh and famous album, he left the DC Talk and went on to pursue a solo career all on his own. The first album he released was called Momentum. It was released in the year 2001. It won five awards and also was nominated for the Grammys. It’s blended with rap, urban rock, and soft metal. With the popularity of the first album, he also worked on a remix version named Re: Mix Momentum in 2003.

He added dancehall reggae and released to Diverse City in 2004. This album received a lot of attention and went on to win the Dove Award. Then his new set of remix songs Renovating→ Diverse City came out in 2005. It got a lot of attention coming his way. It contained fresh, vibrant and new material and entered the Billboard as well. With the collaboration of Kirk Franklin and Mandisa, it reached the Top Christian songs charts.

He is a hard working person who has kept himself busy at all times. Even while he is at home with his wife and kids, his energy does not dip. He continuously works hard in leading a balanced life. His values are embedded deep in his roots. He tries to instil the same in his children. He has also contributed in mentoring and guiding new artists from at his recording company. Even when he went on the road with DC (Diverse City), people who worked with him were very happy with his work ethics. This is one of the reasons why he is still famous and why his songs make it to the top 10 list till this date.

He worked in a collaboration of a 13-track record. This record was produced by Toby along with Chris Stevens, Brian Fowler, and David Gracia. It was a good blend of various genres in music. The song “This is Not a Test” remained number one for several months. The best thing about his albums is that it contains a blend of not just music genres but also music artists. Which gives fresh feels.