Thom Yorke Net Worth

Who is Thom Yorke and what is his net worth 2018? Thomas Edward Yorker who shortly known as Thom Yorke is a genius in the field of music with versatile skill. His versatility flourishes in different areas like singing, song writing, music composing. Apart from this, he is skilled in playing various musical instruments like guitar, piano, synthesiser, sequencer and music programming. He is the primary songwriter of the alternative Rock band known as Radio head.

Thom was born in Northamptonshire in 1968. Later on, his family moved on to Oxfordshire when Young Thom got admitted in Abingdon School. Yorker was born with a vision problem in his left eye. His left eye remained closed and paralysed until he reached six years. So in his childhood, he had to go through numerous surgeries to restore his vision. So life was not so easy and comfortable for him in his childhood, unlike other normal kids. The only thing that consoled him was music, and so he learned guitar and piano from an early age. Due to his vision ailments, he had been the target of other classmates for teasing. But nothing could resist him top practice harder and fulfil his mission of becoming a musician.

Thom Yorke Net Worth

Thom Yorke completed his graduation from the Exeter. Here he created a rock band, Radiohead with his school mates. During his school and college days, he established his own band with his schoolmates, what is famous with the name Radiohead. Later on his band Radiohead joined Parlophone and Yorke become a celebrity after releasing hit albums like, “Creep”.

The performance of his band got high applauds from audience and critics and made a sale record over 30 million albums. In the year 2000, their 4th album,” KID A”, Yorke and his team mates used electronics instruments in music. In 2006, Thom Yorke released his debut single album, “Amok”, and in the year 2013 and 2014, he made his second solo album. He has shown his creativity in composing soundtracks for films and theatres.

Yorke has made numerous music albums with his band Radiohead and himself as the main vocalist, playing the guitar and piano. The number of albums are —eight studio albums, one live album, two compilation album and six EPs, thirty singles, nine video albums and one remix which made under the label of XL, Tickertape Ltd, Hostess, Parlophone etc. the band released their second album, “The Bends”, in 1995 and third album,”Ok, computer”, In 1997. Both the albums got high audience appreciation and helped to create a fan base for Thom Yorke and his band Mates.

The huge number of record sale made the Radiohead one of the best alternative band, but unfortunately, Yorke lost his mental stability this time when his band achieve the grand success of,”Ok computer”, and so he could not concentrate to write new songs. Though in his career he always gave prior time to his band, at the same time he launched various side projects like his debut solo album,” Eraser”, in 2006 and he also worked with Atoms for Peace.

All the albums released by the Radiohead Band gain high audience appreciation and touch the high level of sale. It’s needless to mention that all studio albums achieved gold certificate and the music album,”Ok Computer” in 1998, Kid A, in 2001, and “In Rainbow”, in 2009 won the prestigious Grammy awards. Other albums to have got the nomination for different awards and the Band won Ivor Novello awards, MTV Music Awards NME awards, Q awards and so on. He ranked 66th in Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest singers.

Thom is a vegan in personal life, and he practised Yoga and meditation. He got married to Rachel Owen, with whom he broke up mutually in 2015.

Thom Yorke Net Worth

The 48 years old English singer and musician is the highest paid singer according to the report of, “People with Money”. His estimated net worth is $50 million. He has been spotted as the No 1 singer on the list of 10 highest paid singers of People with Money. No doubt, his success in his music career, Grammy awards all added in his net worth. Besides this he has invested a good amount in the stock market, property buying, endorsing famous brands with lucrative amounts etc.

He also has several restaurants, a football team, named,” the Wellingborough angles”. He has launched his band of Vodka (Pure wonderworker) and perfume (with love from Thom), which gain a high sale in the market as a popular brand. Apart from all this, he has established his fashion brand known as, “Thom Yorke Seduction”, which is very famous among his crazy fans. So In his lifetime Thom has utilized all the sources to earn his net worth as much as he could.

The life of Thom Yorke is an inspirational one for the people with physical set back. He has set up an example that nothing is impossible if you have the strong will to pursue what you want to do. His story of success can light up the darkest path of anyone who is struggling with their physical ailment. Wish him more success and best of luck.