Steve Perry Net Worth 2019

Who is Steve Perry and what is his net worth 2019? Steve Perry is the famous lead vocalist and singer of the rock band ‘Journey’. He is a versatile person, who has exhibited his skill as a musician, song writer, and a music recorder as well. He sings for different genres of music like pop, hard rock, rock, and r&b. Being a popular singer and musician, he has earned a good amount of net worth of profit. Steve has overcome all the struggle and hardship in life and accumulated his net worth to a significant level. Let’s find out what is the net worth of Steve Perry.

Early Life

Steve Perry is an American by birth and was born on 22 January 1949 in California, United States. He was born to Portuguese parents, whose father Raymond Perry was a singer and owner of a radio station. His mother was Mary Quaresma. At the age of 12, Steve got fascinated with Sam Cooke’s song ‘Cupid’ and that inspired him to become a singer. Perry did his college from the College of the Sequoias and there he used to sing in the choir.

Steve Perry Net Worth

Perry’s one of the best memories is that his beloved mother always encouraged him for singing. In his early twenties, he formed a band named ‘Ice’ with a 16-year-old Scott Mathews. But soon this band got dissolved due to some issues. In 1997, Steve formed another band ‘Alien Project’ this time with Craig Krampf but this band too could not succeed as the bassist Richard Micheal died of an accident.

Steve mother died of a neurological illness on December 4, 1985. Steve Perry used to date and was in a relationship with his girlfriend Sherri Swafford but the relationship did not run well and the couple ends in break up. After his break up, Steve was so much hurt that his pain used to reflect in his songs and singing.


In 1977, he made his first public debut in singing with the band ‘Journey’ in San Francisco. It was a big major break for Steve’s musical career. He has got the greatest opportunity of all. The band later decided to release an album with Steve by moving to the rock song and they named the album as ‘Infinity’. This new album got a mixed response and a little profit from the viewers and the people.

In 1979, Steve along with the band released their next album ‘Evolution’ which was a major hit worldwide and considered to be Journey’s first top 20 hits. In the very same year, they released another album ‘Escape’ which had all the top hit songs of the album. This album became the best-selling hit of all time and it sold over 7 million copies worldwide.

In 1983, they released the album ‘Frontiers’ which was the top selling album of that era. In the same year, Steve finally released his solo debut album ‘Street Talk’ where he wrote the song ‘Oh Sherrie’ for his then girlfriend.

In 1996, he left the band ‘Journey’ and again in the year 1996, he reunited with the band. Thereafter, they released their reunion album ‘Trial by Fire’ which was a massive successful hit at that time.

In 2005, Steve Perry playback for many covers album along with David Pack who was ‘Ambrosia’ band lead singer.

• Steve Perry’s band ‘Journey’ awarded star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at Hollywood, California.

• The Rolling Stone Magazine included Steve at the top 100 singers list.

Net Worth of Steve Perry

Steve Perry being a versatile man has showcased his skill and talent in different fields and categories of success and fame. With his music and singing aspiration, he has gained enormous revenue and profit throughout his career. It has been estimated that his net worth is $50 million. This makes him quite obvious one of the richest and wealthiest musician of all time with great singing talent.

To sum up we can say that he is a gem musician with great talent and performing skills. His aspiration as a singer made him fly high with enormous success and appreciation.