Steve Miller Net Worth

Who is Steve Miller and what is his net worth 2018? Steven Haworth ‘Steve’ Miller is an American singer-songwriter and a guitarist. He is best known for being the leader of the Steve Miller Band. In 2016, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Steve Miller was born on 5th October 1946. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Bertha and George. His mother was a jazz singer, and his father was a pathologist and a beginner record engineer. In 1950, their family migrated to Texas.

Five years later, he went to Dallas’ St. Marks School which was only attended by boys. Also, it was a day school. He made his first band there and named it ‘The Marksmen’. He left that school and joined Woodrow Wilson High School and graduated in 1961. Miller has attended three different universities.

Steve Miller Net Worth

They include University of Wisconsin, Madison; the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and the University of Texas, Austin. He never graduated from any of them. For Copenhagen, he only attended it for a semester of his senior year. He was pursuing a degree in literature. He migrated to San Francisco and settled there.

Steve Miller has had four women walk down the aisle. He has divorced thrice. He is currently married to Janice Ginsberg Miller who hails from New York City.

A band by the name The Steve Miller band was formed in 1966. The name later changed to Steve Miller Band. That same year, the band backed Chuck Berry on his album ‘Live at Fillmore Auditorium’. Steve Miller was handling the vocals. The band released its first album in 1968 and called it “Children of the Future”. They then released other albums including Sailor, Brave New World, Number 5 and Your Saving Grace.

Despite the records being pointed as great ones in various charts, not even a single one of them had a hit. Miller in 1972 released an album ‘Recalling the Beginning…..A journey from Eden’. Another album named Joker was released in 1973. Its title track reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The single also hit number one on the UK Singles chart in September 1990. The appearance was after a television commercial used it. His breakthrough came after releasing two hit albums, i.e., “Fly Like an Eagle” and “Books of Dreams”.

He had recorded them together but decided to release them as two single albums instead of a double one. One of the releases was in 1977 and the other the following year. In the early 1980s, he released albums such as “Abracadabra” and “Italian X-Rays”. In the late 1980s, he had “living in the 20th century” and “born 213 blue”. He released “Wide River” followed by a long break. Bingo is the album that marked his return on 15th June 2010. It was followed closely by “Let Your Hair Down”.

Steve Miller Net Worth

Steve Miller has over time accumulated a lot of wealth as a songwriter, singer, teacher, and guitarist. Steve Miller’s estimated net worth is $45 million.

Steve Miller is a great musician and guitarist. He has a total of 18 albums. Out of the 18, four have gone multi-platinum. There are five that have been either silver or gold certified. 12 of his albums have at one point been in the top 40 albums.