Shannon Leto Net Worth

Who is Shannon Leto and what is his net worth 2018? The hazel eyed drummer from 30 Seconds to Mars recognised for his dynamic and intense performances was born on March 9, 1970, in Bossier City, Louisiana to parents Constance Bryant and Anthony Bryant. However, his father abandoned the family and they were reduced to poverty.

His brother, lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars and Oscar award winning actor Jared Leto has admitted in various interviews that though they found themselves destitute, his mother had always made it a point to cultivate and encourage the boys creativity and attachment to music. Shortly after her divorce, Constance joined the hippie movement and moved around from state to state with her boys often using their truck as a makeshift house.

Shannon Leto Net Worth 2018-2019

It is in these abject and minimal conditions that Shannon Leto discovered his affinity for music. He was introduced to musicians, photographers, painters and individuals from all strata’s of creativity who all left an impression on his budding years spent as a nomad with his Bohemian mother.

Constance married Dr. Carl Leto in 1979, who took the boys under his wings and nurtured their talents. The balance and joy enjoyed as a family was transient for the teenage boys as their mother and stepfather ended their relationship in two years. The brothers resumed their lives as a nomad before their mother finally married for the third time. The inconsistent lifestyle took a toll on Shannon Leto and he began doing drugs, dropping out of school and occasionally finding himself on the wrong end of the law.

Shannon Leto’s days of adrift and self-abuse came to an end when his younger brother Jared Leto helped him quit drugs and encouraged him to rediscover his musical talents. In 1998, the Leto brothers channelled their talents into the creation of a three-man rock band, 30 Seconds to Mars which has sold 10 million copies across the continents and have a Guinness World Record on their behalf.

Shannon Leto Net Worth

Shannon Leto is a multifaceted artist and through his diverse projects has amassed a fortune of $12 million. He took up percussion at the tender age of 5 and after decades of practice developed his unique drumming style that is evident and prevalent in the albums of 30 Seconds to Mars. Their eponymous album was a sleeper hit which resulted in the band to achieve a cult following and ultimately sold two million editions.

Their second single “The Kill” from their album “A Beautiful Lie” created a record as it held the top place at the Billboard Modern Rock song charts consecutively for 50 weeks and won the MTV Music Video Award in 2006. The album sold more than 1.2 million copies in America. Their third album titled “This is War” opened to a mixed reception but went on to sell four million copies. “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams”, 30 Seconds to Mars most recent album released in 2013 received positive reviews and affirmed their cult status among the alternative rock bands.

In 2011, The L.A Times reported that Shannon Leto had purchased a home at the vibrant Sunset strip, an opulent district in California for a sum of $900,000. He is the proud owner of the Sonor SQ2 Drum kit setup which he uses to drive his fans into a frenzy at 30 Seconds to Mars tours and shows.

When he is not indulging behind the drum kits, Shannon Leto is also an accomplished actor and photographer. He acted in the 2002 road movie “Highway” that starred Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal. Shannon Leto starred in the documentary “Artifact” directed by Jared Leto that depicted 30 Seconds to Mars fight against a lawsuit. He also had a small role in the teen drama T.V series “My So-Called Life” which once again starred Jared Leto. The ABC drama was rated a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and is acclaimed for its realistic portrayals of teen angst and teenage life.

This musician with his sharp features and often silent and mysterious demeanour has not only gathered the hearts of his female fans but also attracted a lot of admiration from top models and actresses from Hollywood. After the high-profile relationships with actress Kate Hudson and T.V personality Audrina Patridge, Shannon Leto has managed to woo the pop crooner Lana Del Rey who is best known for song “Born To Die”.

Considering the dismal and unfavourable conditions Shannon grew up in, there is no doubt that he beat all the odds against his favour to rank as one of the prominent drummers of the generation.