Shaggy Net Worth 2019

Who is Shaggy and what is his net worth 2019? Orville Richard Burell is better known by his stage name Shaggy. He was born on October 22, 1968. He is one of the most popular Jamaican Song Writers. Shaggy is best known for his singles “OH Carolina” and “Boombastic”. His fans call him ‘Shaggy Rogers’, which is a unique cartoon character from the television series Scooby- Doo. Let us see about his military career, Music career, personal life and complete biography of shaggy in this article.

Early Life

Orville Richard aka Shaggy was born at Kingston in Jamaica on October 22, 1968. His family migrated to Brooklyn in New York when he was only 7 years old. He had the mild interest in singing, and thus he took a musical course in 1987. He loved singing in the street with the group of friends. O’Neil Burrell is the son of Shaggy, who is also called as Robb Bank.

Shaggy Net Worth


Shaggy is well known for her music career. But in addition to the Music industry, he holds a good military career. He was added in Marine Corps in the United States. Then, he received The MOS for Field Artillery Cannon Crewman. At the time of Persian Gulf War, he involved in the 10th Marine Regiment with this Field Artillery Battery. He wanted to pursue his music career, and so he appeared in the singles “Oh Carolina,” which was a remake of a popular album ‘ Skagit’ by Folkes Brothers.

In the same year, he appeared on another hip-hop album known as “Kenny Dopes,” which received good response from the viewers. He made some great albums with the help of his producer. Some of his albums including, ‘Spiderman, ”Campbell,” Frankie Cutlass,’ ‘Don one,” Nice and Lovely,” Boombastic’ and so on. In 2000, Shaggy released the ever hit album ‘Hot shot,’ which gained 6X platinum in the United States.

He was nominated for the Boombastic Award for the role ‘Best Reggae Album, ‘ and he eventually won that award. In 2002, he was nominated for the Award “It Wasn’t Me” for the role “Best Pop Collaboration with Vocal.” In 2006, he was nominated for the ‘Clothes Drop’ Award for the Role ‘Best Reggae Album.’ He was also nominated for the Award ‘Intoxication’ for the Role ‘Best Reggae Album.’ He was nominated for many precious awards such as ‘summer in Kingston,” Out Of Many,’ One Music. ‘He was also nominated for many American Music Awards such as ‘Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist,’ ‘Internet Fans Award’ etc.

Net Worth of Shaggy

Shaggy has an estimated Net worth of approximately $13 Million. His album ‘Hot Shot’ had sold over 20 Million Copies Worldwide. This mega sale turned him into a wealthiest artist today. His various singles had topped the chart busters and earned him huge income.

Shaggy is not only a top-selling artist but also a good Military Man. He is a strong personality of 5.11-inch height. He is a lovely and handsome person who always thinks about his fans and the country. He is really a nice and lovely person to talk with. He regularly connects with his fans and updates about his life to them.