Shabba Ranks Net Worth 2019

Who is Shabba Ranks and what is his net worth 2019? Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon, professionally known as Shabba Ranks was born on 17 January 1966. His mother’s name is Constantine Christie. Shabba Ranks is a popular Jamaican dancehall artist. He was born in a small town called ‘Sturge Town’ in St. Ann’s Parish, Jamaica. His family then moved to Kingston ghetto, Trench Town, when he was eight years old. He spent his early childhood days in Trench Town itself.

Early Life

When he was 12 years old, he was highly fascinated by the DJs who whirl records in the local clubs. As a youngster, he was highly inspired by the artists Charlie Chaplin, Josey Wales, General Echo, Yellowman, Brigadier Jerry, and Yellowman. He was one of the first Jamaican deejays(DJ) who gained worldwide popularity, acceptance, and recognition for his gravel toned and rough voice sound and the slackness in his lyrical expression and content.

Shabba Ranks Net Worth


Rather than singing, Rexton mainly gained popularity and fame as a toaster (rapper). In his early 80’s, Rexton started performing as a rapper (toaster) and worked at the Roots Melody sound system under Admiral Bailey. Initially, Rexton called himself ‘Co-Pilot’. In 1985, he released his first single “Heat Under Sufferer’s Feet”.

He eventually changed his name to ‘Shabba Ranks’. He was then guided and supported by his idol Josey Wales and in the late 1980s, he appeared on the international stage along with the singers Crystal and Cocoa Tea. He has also worked with many artists including the American rappers KRS-One, Chuck Berry and Chubb Rock.

In the year 1991, Ranks signed a recording contract with an American record company, the Epic Records. He then released five back to back albums for a major label and continued his journey as one of the most inventive dancehall artists to break into the prevailing. In 1998, Ranks released his first studio album ‘Rappin’ With the Ladies’ which became very popular in America. It has the collaborations with Deborahe Glasgow and J.C Lodge. In the year 1990, Ranks released his second studio album ‘Just Reality’. But the album was not as popular as his first album.

Other than Jamaica, Ranks’ biggest hit single was “Mr. Loverman”, the reggae fusion written by Deborah Glasgow from the album ‘Rough & Ready Vol. 1’ that was released in the year 1992. It is said to be his signature song. His other tracks include “Caan Dun”, “Respect”, “Trailer Load A Girls”, “Pirates Anthem” “Wicked Inna Bed”, and “Ting A Ling”.

In 1993, Ranks contributed a reggae version of the song “Family Affair” (from the American band ‘Sly and the Family Stone’) in the film ‘Addams Family Values’. After two years of gap, i.e., on 13 June 1995, he released his third studio album ‘A Mi Shabba’ for Epic which produced many minor hits including “Let’s Get It On”, “Ram Dancehall,” and “Shine Eye Gal.” The album was not so hit and received average reviews. Eventually, he was dribbled by the label in the year 1996 and turned off for several years.

However, on 26 January 1996, Epic released its another reggae album entitled ‘Shabba Ranks and Friends’. It was a compilation album comprising most of the Ranks’ most successful hits.

In 1998, Ranks did return to Jamaica to record more materials for King Jammy in the late nineties. Some of them were released on the album named “Get Up Stand Up”.

Ranks again made a partial return in 2007 when he came into sight on a song named “Clear The Air” by an American rapper Busta Rhymes. It was also featured, Akon. Again in April 2011, Ranks released a single called “None A Dem”, Peppa Riddim. In the year 2012, he was featured on the track “Boy Toy”.

Net Worth of Shabba Ranks

The sources have stated that Ranks’ net worth currently reaches $1.6 million. He earned his net worth from his music. However, some other sources have also stated that his net worth today is even higher.

He has earned his net worth as well as fame through rapping and producing albums and singles. He has performed several shows and concerts in many cities all over the United states, ranging from the Shinehead concert in London to Summerjam Festival 2010 in Germany.

On October 2016, Shabba Ranks was awarded by the government of Jamaica, an OD (Order of Distinction) at the rank of the officer at King’s House in St Andrew. He was awarded for his great contribution to music industry.

During his time, Shabba Ranks was the most famed dancehall rapper in the world. He had a massive success across the United States. His rough rasping baritone and rudeboy lyrics has made him ragga dancehall frontman in the early ’90s. He was the first dancehall artist who wins the Grammy Awards.

His distinctive and booming tone of a voice has earned him several imitators, and also his sex-obsessed lyrics has made him one of hottest sex symbols of dancehall. Shabba Ranks’ early success has also helped him go in advance for even bigger and higher crossovers by the well-famed artists like Sean Paul and Shaggy.