Ryan Tedder Net Worth

Who is Ryan Tedder and what is his net worth 2018? Ryan Benjamin Tedder who is an American musician was born on June 26, 1979 in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. This artist is also an instrumentalist and a record producer. He is very famous for being the lead vocalist of Pop song and One Republic. Ryan was raised by the family of missionaries and pastors in a Christian church. Ryan at the age of three started playing piano.

This shows his passion and dedication towards music. His father was a musician and his mother a school teacher. They prompted their son’s early interest in music. In one of his interviews, Tedder mentioned that his parents made him practice piano in exchange of a candy corn. After being such a young learner in piano, Ryan started singing at the age of seven.

Ryan Tedder Net Worth 2018-2019

As Tedder grew up, he started imitating his favourite artists. Tedder imitated artists with different ranges from The Beatles to Sting to Stevie Wonder. Ryan stated in another interview that he used to practice two hours a day till he was eighteen. He performed in his school, church and with some groups. These performances not only boosted his confidence but also enhanced his talent.

Tedder moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in his senior years where he met Zach Filkins his future band-mate of One Republic. He was a part of soccer team at Colorado spring Christian school. Tedder attended Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma and his talent was recognised there also. Ryan Tedder graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2001 with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertisement.

Ryan Tedder got married to Genevieve Tedder. Ryan loves his wife a lot and in the debut album of his band One Republic Dreaming out Loud, Ryan thanked and acknowledged his wife. Ryan and Genevieve Tedder have two sons- Copeland Cruz Tedder who was born on August 2, 2010 and Miles who was born in September 2014. A very famous band Sons of Sylvia belongs to Ryan’s third cousins. Ryan is a Christian by birth but he does not label himself as a Christian. Ryan got a tattoo on one arm which means God’s will and it also means that God takes and God gives.

He got this tattoo in Osaka. Ryan has always shown his appreciation for culinary art. Ryan has always shown great love for Iron Chef. Ryan apart from his music career got involved with the Southern Hospitality- a restaurant that was opened by Justin Timberlake at Second Avenue of Manhattan. It was announced on August 22, 2011 that Tedder had become the first franchisee of the brand- The Southern Hospitality and they further planned to bring the project in 10 cities. A restaurant was opened in the St. Elmo Hotel in October 2012.

Career: Ryan did not begin a career of a singer right away. Ryan worked as a waiter for years. Then he worked as a shop assistant at Pottery Barn. It was during this period of his life that Ryan secured an internship at Dream works SKG in Nashville. Ryan produced demons for labels and songwriters. He charged $300 to $400 a track. In an interview Ryan stated that Dream Works offered him a job right after his arrival but Ryan wanted to become an artist. At the age of 21 Ryan competed in a singer-songwriter competition and was selected by N Sync singer Lance Bass to perform in a one hour special on MTV. This was the first step towards his amazing career.

Some of the albums of Ryan Tedder are Dreaming out Loud, 21.

Ryan Tedder Net Worth

The net worth of Ryan Tedder is estimated to be $33 million. Ryan Tedder is very popular American singer, guitarist, songwriter and record producer. Ryan earned a good wealth from his performances as a member of One Republic. He is also a well known music producer and song writer. He has worked with many well known persons in the industry like Adele, Jennifer Lopez and many more. This also helped to increase total amount to his net worth.

Ryan Tedder can easily pay for luxury housing. His stylish Venice mansion’s cost is $2.85 million comprising of a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gaming room and a parking lot. He owns an A class car manufactured by Mercedes estimated to be of $60000.

Ryan Tedder being a popular name in the industry has won and been nominated for many awards. His “Bleeding Love” was nominated as the Record of the year in 2009 and “Halo” as record of the year in 2010. He won Grammy award for 21 in 2015, Grammy award for 1989 in 2016 and Grammy award for 25 in 2017.

Ryan Tedder by his hard work and dedication proved that nothing is impossible in this world. He proved that age is just a number. Ryan started working on his goals when he was just three. His hard work and passion has today given the world some really great music.