Robert Smith Net Worth 2018

Who is Robert Smith and what is his net worth 2018? Robert Smith is recognised as an English based singer, musician and a songwriter. He is known as a lead singer, lyricist, guitarist, and major songwriter of famous rock band -the Cure. It is known that he is the only constant member of this band right from its creation in year 1976. Moreover, he has too played guitar in another band entitled Siouxsie and the Banshees. Net worth of Robert Smith is amassed mainly from his career as a singer and musician, get further details below:

Early Life

Birthplace of Smith is in Lancashire city of Blackpool. Actually, he is recognised as third out of four children of parents-James Alexander and Rita Mary Smith. He basically belonged from one musical family as his father sang as well as his mother also played piano. He was brought up and afterwards he turned out as an atheist. When he was a kid of age three, in year 1962, his family got shifted to Horley, located in Surrey, the place where he afterwards attended a primary school, prior his family relocated to Crawley, located in West Sussex, in year 1966.

Robert Smith Net Worth

Robert and his sister named Janet, who is younger to him, attained piano lessons. He was roughly of age thirteen or fourteen during the time he transformed more serious regarding rock music and he began to play it and study frantically. He has once stated that his leading band while he was of age fourteen encompassed his brother named Richard, few of his friends as well as his sister -Janet.

The band was named as the Crawley Goat Band – brilliant!” But, when this band might have been his leading regular group, he would be of age thirteen when he with his schoolmates presented their initial one-off based performance collectively as the Obelisk. In late 1972, the core of Smith, Dempsey, Ceccagno, and Tolhurst went to secondary school combined where these people and friends sustained playing music united.

By year 1976, brother of Graham was substituted by a vocalist named Martin Creasy, recognised as a journalist with The Crawley Observer, whose short contract with this group was recorded as a live débâcle as per views of people involved. The Banshees as well as the Cure were contracted to Polydor as well as its inscription named Fiction, respectively, through Chris Parry, and also Smith was known to be a fan of the Banshees already.

It is found that Smith was too not the sole songwriter or even a lyricist in that group throughout its early years. Moreover, band name i.e. ‘Easy Cure’ originated from a song written by Lol Tolhurst, although “Grinding Halt” started as a Tolhurst lyric which Smith reduced it to the first half of every line.

Though Smith has written majority of the lyrics for Seventeen Seconds, several were too rewritten by a group throughout the recording of that album itself. Dempsey’s auxiliary Simon Gallup outlined the shared writing course to Sounds in year 1980.

Net Worth of Robert Smith

Robert Smith is by now acknowledged as a musician and singer mainly, attaining net worth of $17 million. He has generated his net worth in form of a backbone of famous UK rock band entitled The Cure. Right from an age of 13, he began earning as he was engaged in different bands.

For instance, he was involved in a group named The Crawley Boat band, in association with his sister, brother, and friends. Prior to formation of the Crawley Boat, he also created The Obelisk – which was afterwards named as The Cure. This band which possessed many names as well as line ups would perform at school functions.

Robert Smith’s trademark is grimy red lipstick, black colored eye liner as well as frowzy hair. He is too recognised as a guitarist for rock band entitled Siouxise and the Banshees. He is extensively familiar as a multi-instrumentalist, recognised for his exceptional stage look as well as characteristic voice.