Popcaan Net Worth 2018

Who is Popcaan and what is his net worth 2018? Andrae Hugh Sutherland, popularly known as Popcaan is a professional deejay. He hails from Jamaica. He is an extremely popular singer as well as songwriter. He was born in Saint Thomas. He spent his early life in Portmore, St.Catherine. His love for music commenced at a very young age. He started training himself as a vocalist along with a well-practised performer.

Early Life

He along with his family moved to Portmore when he was just 7 years old. His childhood was spent in a housing project which was called Three West. Portmore was a city developed on reclaimed swamp to dilute the ever growing population of Jamaica.

Popcaan Net Worth

No one would believe in the sudden rise to fame story of this Jamaican singer. He was 17 years old when Kartel saw him at a local party. And within some days he was recruited to the Portmore Empire. Kartel not only guided him but was a father figure to him.


His career started in 2007. His mentor and producer are Vybz Kartel. According to Popcaan Kartel was his idol since his school days. Even before the gigantic success of Kartel entire city of Portmore knew him. Popcaan was extremely influenced by Kartel. Kartel introduced him at festivals like Reggae Sumfest. Some of his famous hits are “Jah Jah Protect Me”, “Gangsta City”, “Dream”, and “Hot Grabba”. The most crucial point in his career was when “Clarks” came out in 2010.

Many artists left Kartel. But Papi was his right-hand man and never left his side. These actions portraying extreme loyalty solidified his position in Kartel’s eyes. This was also made in collaboration with Kartel. Along with much deserved critical acclaim, he gained international success.

Groundbreaking success came with the release of “Ravin”. This song was produced by Kartel’s label.

Net Worth of Popcaan

Popcaan’s net worth is $1.5 million. He became even more famous after the release of his first studio album which is called “Where We Come From”. In the year 2015, he decided to build his dream mansion in his native land Jamaica. This mansion will be considered his first real estate property. He is supremely talented, with collaborations with many artists like Jamie XX, Young Thug, etc.

The New Range Rover Evoque Convertible crashed the market with its deadly looks and great performance. It is valued at USD $60000. Popcaan has added this luxurious item to his collection of vehicles. This new convertible is elegant and can shoot to 112 mph. He is also a proud owner of a red BMW X4. It is an aesthetically designed car and in complete accordance with his taste.

The mansion he is building is situated in Kingston. This is one of the greatest assets he possesses.

Recently Popcaan has announced the best Reggae Act during the 21st MOBO awards. This award function was held in Glasgow, Scotland. Popcaan has been a constant presence on the British Chart. His top 10 hit came with Melissa Steel’s Kisses for Breakfast. In 2014 he was nominated for the MOBO. This nomination was his fourth. He went n to succeed and win in 2015 and 2016.

The latest work of this singer is a mixtape called “Yiy Change”. This has been produced in collaboration with Chromatic Sound. The chromatic sound has proved extremely beneficial for this singer. Some of his latest works are “Ova dweet”, “Wicked Man Ting”, and “Please Forgive Me”.

In the year 2001, he made his first appearance in the UK. This was made alongside Mixpak for the Red Bull Culture Clash. He also won the clash over Wiz Khalifa, UKG, and Eskimo Dance.

He was also featured on Aluna George’s single which is named “I’m in control’.

Popcaan is a revolutionary force in singing and pop culture for millions of youth all around the world. He has been an inspiration for thousands of Black people belonging to the economically unstable regions of Africa. He pursued his dreams with utmost vigor and holds extreme gratitude for people who helped him grow. He is soon to be married to his long-time girlfriend. As wedding bells are chiming in near future, he is continuously climbing the stairs of success and acclaim. He continues to do genre-bending work.