Plácido Domingo Net Worth

Placido Domingo is not an unknown name. He is a famous musician who hails from Madrid, Spain. His parents knew that he would be a musician as he grows up because he had the talent at a very young age. He was born in the year 1941. He was born to Josefa Embil Echaniz and Placido Francisco Domingo Ferrer who are very popular zaruela stars. Placido Domingo was born in a musical family.

His father performed in the Opera as a violinist and also played in the zarzuela orchestras. His mother was also an artist. She was an established soprano. Placido Domingo has a sister as well named Mari Pepa (Maria Jose).

Plácido Domingo Net Worth 2017-2018

Placido was young and talented; he met a girl at the age of 16 and got married to her. She was also a piano student. Her name was Ana Maria Guerra Cue. They have a son named Jose Placido Domingo Guerra. He is a photographer now! Placido Domingo’s marriage did not last long; he married Marta Ornelas, a soprano from Mexico. After they got married, they used to perform together. They have two sons – Alvaro and Placido Francisco.

Plácido Domingo Net Worth

Placido Domingo is one of the highest paid singers we have. In 2014, it seemed that his career was going down the drain. However we suddenly see him back with a bang. Domingo pulled $75 million from 2016 to 2017! In just one year, he earned a lot of money. He has a net worth of $220 millions. This is mainly because he has endorsement deals with Cover Girl and property holdings. He has also got many restaurants in his city Madrid. He has a football team called Madrid Angels. He has his own brand of Vodka. He has a perfume called With Love from Placido. Last but not the least; he has his own fashion line which is called Placido Domingo Seduction. Placido Domingo Net Worth is massive and he has surely secured his family’s future. No wonder how he has so many homes!

Placido Domingo has several homes. He lived in Israel for some time. Domingo then moved to New Jersey in 1960. He then bought residences in Barcelona and Manhattan. He kept his apartment in the much loved New York. He has a house in Madrid. Madrid is his city and he loves spending time there. When he gets holidays, he goes to Acapulco in Mexico to spend time with his family. They have a vacation home in Acapulco in Mexico.

There is more to the famous Placido Domingo. Usually a singer retires by the age of 50. Domingo is 76 now and he is still famous and he is doing very well. There is more to him than just singing! He has immense interest in education promoting the youth’s musical talent. He founded ‘Operalia’ in the year 1993. It is a competition for singer which happens annually. It takes place in different cities.

He believes in making a difference in the society. He found a village for the orphaned children after the earthquake in Mexico. Placido Domingo does not plan to retire so soon. He would like to sing all his life till he can.

Placido Domingo is not just a brilliant singer but he is also a great human. In the year 2016, he cancelled his concert in Havana after the death of Fidel Castro. Placido Domingo has always been the first to get involved in good causes. He is a fantastic man by heart and his career is on its peak.

Placido Domingo has some amazing songs that one must hear. He is a genius. Many people much love him for his Spanish songs. They make you swoon and touch your heart. Some of his greatest songs are – Mi Buenos Aires querido, Catari, Catari, Donna non vidi mai Manon Lescaut, Vesti la giubba Pagliacci, El día que me quieras and the list goes on.

Placido Domingo has grown big and influential over the years. He has won many awards such as Grammy, Latin Grammy, Presidential Medal of Freedom and much more. He has won 9 Grammy’s and 5 Latin Grammy’s. He is here to stay and he will forever win our hearts with his amazing songs. He has surely dominated the opera world! His audience loves him and so do we. May he never stop singing and touching lives.