Phil Spector Net Worth

Who is Phil Spector and what is his net worth 2018? Phil Spector, whose full name is Phillip Harvey Spector (birth name: Harvey Phillip Spector), was born in New York on 26th December 1939. He is also known as Phil Harvey, which is the name he took when he entered his career. He is one of the most famous names in the American music trends: Rock and Roll; as well as Pop music. He was an influential music producer, musician, songwriter creative director and much more during his active days in the American music scene. He is also renowned for founding and developing the “Wall of Music” trend in Rock and Roll. Later, he was convicted of second-degreemurder and is serving a sentence of life.

Phil started early in his life, learning to play the guitar and writing songs while he was attending the Fairfax High School for formal education. He formed a teenage band with his schoolmates Harvey GoldsteinMarshall Leib, and Annette Kleinbard; naming themselves “The Teddy Bears”. Their first song – “To Know Him Is to Love Him” – attained #1 status on the US and UK music charts, and gave them worldwide exposure and fame. However, subsequent songs failed to make any impact, and the band split up in 1959 after being a ‘one-song wonder’ for a long time.

Phil Spector Net Worth

Phil took a year’s time to make his comeback and had already moved to production by the time he undertook the project of producing Ronnie Crawford’s album single-handedly. From there, he did not have to look back. He worked with world-famous studios such as Dune Records and Atlantic Records R&B, and formed his own studio in partnership with Lester Sill, in 1961.

Later, he produced solo albums of George Harrison and John Lennon, and The Beatles themselves – and they achieved chart-topping status with his collaboration! He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1989, after a successful career of 30 years in the industry. He remained an active music producer and collaborator till around 2003.

He was convicted of the murder of model and actress Lana Clarkson, which happened on February 3, 2003. He was indicted in May 2009 and is currently serving a life sentence of 19 years.

Phil Spector Net Worth

Phil Spector was a millionaire by the time he was 21 years of age, having established a successful career in music production by then! As his career advanced, he made one successful project after another as a music producer, songwriter and studio owner. As of now, after his forced retirement from the music scene in 2003, his net worth stands at $100 million US dollars! He made this entire fortune from his career as a music personality, which shows his dedication and ability.

There are mixed feelings about Phil Spector, and that is understandable because of the crime that he allegedly committed. However, there can be no question regarding his abilities in his field of work and his steadfast nature. There are quite a few online biography and news sites that have shamed him by calling him a murderer. However, he still remains a very famous name in the Golden Era of American music.