Phil Collen Net Worth 2019

Who is Phil Collen and what is his net worth 2019? Philip Kenneth Collen was born in London in Hackney. He got a gift from his cousin David Pilley which was a guitar. It was a red Gibson SG. Collen left school and he decided he wanted to make a career in music. Music was his call in life!

He joined early bands to start with his career. The bands included Dumb Blonde, Lucy and Tush. It was when he joined Girl band, his music career got better and started to rise. He got the opportunity to play at various concerts. He was also seen in Deep Purple’s album called Made in Japan.

Phil Collen Net Worth

Phil Collen lives in Southern California. It has been his abode since the past 25 years. Phil Collen has 4 children named Samantha, Rory, Charlotte and Savannah. He got married thrice. His first marriage was with Jacqueline Collen in the year 1989. He then married Anita Thomas Collen in the year 1999. His third marriage was with Helen Simmons in the year 2010. Collen is color blind and he is a vegan too! He supports the causes of PETA.



His music career flourished after joining Girl. In the 80’s, he joined Def Leppard. He replaced the former guitarist who was suffering from alcohol abuse. It did not take much time for Phil Collen to become an important part of the band. He has been associated with them for a very long time now. He shared an excellent relation with Steve Clark, the guitarist of the Def Leppard band. Phil Collen released many albums with Def Leppard. If we go in figures, he has released 10 albums with the band. He is also a part of many side projects till date.

Steve Clark died of alcohol abuse and he consumed too many cocktails and anti-depressants which caused the death. After Steve’s death, Phil took over all the guitar parts of the band. There are many new bands which have entered the industry which is why his net worth has gone down. The young bands which have entered the arena are earning more today. However that does not stop Phil Collen from leaving his musical career. He is continuing to flourish in his music career.

Phil Collen has been living in Southern California for more than 25 years. Currently he is living in Laguna Hills, California. He has four children and he has been married thrice. He goes for music tours and he is still a part of many ventures.

Phil Collen is a famous musician and songwriter. He has many songs. Some of the best songs are – Pour some sugar on me, rock of ages, Let’s get rocked, Too Late for Love, Gods of War, Billy’s Got a Gun and Dangerous. He is a fantastic performer and he has a huge fan following. He has been a part of many bands and he did some side projects too.

Phil Collen got married the third time 9 days before his divorce with his 2nd wife Anita. He married Helen in the year 2010 and he felt that she is his soulmate. He is still married to Helen.

Net Worth of Phil Collen

Phil Collen is a famous English Musician and also a songwriter. He has been in the music industry since the year 1974. He has many years of experience and he feels happy to see the youth idolising their band and following the footsteps. He has a net worth of approximately $24 million. He has played in a number of bands and the youth worships him!

Phil Collen is still alive in many hearts of rock music lovers. Many people still wait to hear him and go bonkers when they see him in live shows. The popularity is still intact and we wish to see more of him in the coming years.