Peter Criss Net Worth 2019

Who is Peter Criss and what is his net worth 2019? Peter Criss is the famous stage name of a retired American based musician and actor. This celebrity is greatest known as an original drummer, co-founder, and random vocalist of the famous hard rock band named as Kiss. Net worth of Peter Criss is high even at this age, get more details below:

Early Life

Criss was born as the eldest of five kids of Loretta and Joseph in Brooklyn, located in New York. His father’s family belonged to Scafati, Salerno, located in Italy and he was brought up in Williamsburg division of Brooklyn. When he was studying, he was atcually an avid art student as well as a swing enthusiast. When playing with bandleader named as Joey Greco, Criss finished up studying below his obsession named Gene Krupa, in New York. This transformed into a dynamic musical career as he worked to play jazz as well as rock with many bands in New Jersey and New York throughout 1960s.

Peter Criss Net Worth


Criss was engaged in many bands during the era of mid-to-late 1960s. It was this time when Criss teamed up with Chelsea, who had a deal of two albums with Decca Records, recognised as the group who launched a self-titled album in year 1970. Apart from this, Criss co-wrote the song “Beth”, which was a Top 10 hit for Kiss on famous U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, ranking at No.7 in year 1976. The particular song stays as the highest-charting song for Kiss in US and it received them a People’s Choice Award in year 1977.

This song was written prior Criss had teamed up with Kiss, when he was yet a member of Chelsea. There does exists a demo of the song from year 1971, but the title of song was “Beck”, after band member i.e. Mike Brand’s wife named Becky officially left Kiss in year 1980. Later in year 1995, Criss made appearance at official Kiss Konvention, arranged in Los Angeles that directed to Kiss live performance, recorded for MTV Unplugged.

It is known that tensions originated one more time between Kiss and Criss. In year 2000, at the finish of the band show in North Charleston, Criss demolished his drum kit right on stage. However fans supposed that it was portion of the act, it was in actually an act of obstruction on account of Criss.

Since year 2004, Criss has managed to retain his public appearances to a smallest. Criss presently lives in Wall Township, located in New Jersey. Criss is actually a gun fanatic, and has mentioned that he has a big assortment of firearms with which he used for shooting the target; however he does not hunt with. This is because he told host named Tom Snyder in an interview of Kiss, arranged in year 1979 on The Tomorrow Show. This section of the disreputable interview highlights Criss denoting his collection of gun.

Discussing about his married life, by year 2008, Criss has been married for three times. Name of his first wife is Lydia Di Leonardo, recognised as a former Playboy Playmate, second wife is a coppertone model named Debra Jensen and name of his third wife is Gigi Criss. It is known that Criss became the father of a daughter named as Jenilee. Once, Criss was analysed with breast cancer in year 2008 because while working out, this celebrity identified a lump on his chest which provoked him to visit a doctor. However, afterwards he was effectively treated with a lumpectomy.

Net Worth of Peter Criss

Peter Criss is basically a rock star and also renowned as an actor with net worth of $2.5 million. In his career, he too created his own band, known as Criss. By era of early 1970, Criss founded himself as successful in his acting career and also worked as a musician. It is known that his appearance in acting in some films and he released many albums, adding to his wealth.

Though crossing age of 70+, Peter Criss is still in continuation to work in field of acting and music.