Paul Stanley Net Worth 2019

Paul Stanley, also known as “The Starchild” is a great musician, song writer, painter and an actor. The main instruments he has good commands over are Vocals, guitar and bass guitar. Paul Stanley is his professional stage name, his actual name is Stanley Bert Eisen. He got his fame through a band name “Kiss”. He writes for his band from which some of the songs became the highest charting hits. He is ranked as 18th in the list of top 100 metal vocalists by the Hit Parade.

Paul Stanley Biography

Paul Stanley was born on 20th January 1952 in Inwood Hill Park, Manhattan. He has a misshapen ear since birth and that is why he didn’t able to hear on that side and that is why he found it difficult to determine the direction of the sound. He got an aim to become a musician at the age of 7 when his parents gave him his first guitar. He got his first real electric guitar at the age of 13 and he started making his own tunes from then.

Paul Stanley Net Worth 2017-2018

He attended the High school of music and art in the city New York and got his graduation done in 1970.

Stanley first wife was actress Pamela Bowen from whom he has one son Evan Shane Stanley. Their relationship ended in 9 years after their marriage. His second wife is his long time girlfriend Erin Sutton with whom he has 3 children Sarah, Colin Michael and Emily Grace.

Paul Stanley is an ambassador of AboutFace, a charitable organization that aids people who have issues deformities on their face.he raised awareness by appearing in Online events and promoting the causes in his own style.

He started dreaming his career when he was 13 only. With an immense struggle, being an impair he never let down his dreams that he had woven. In 1978 he started performing solo and through it, he gained very much popularity. In 1996 he made his debut in painting. He produces Phantom of the Opera in the year 1999.

Paul Stanley released his album One Live Kiss in 2007 and Live to win in 2006. He had gone through two hip surgeries and that is why he had to perform many shows in artificial boots.

Long Island Music Hall of fame, 2006
Classic Rock award, 2008
Classic Gold Telly award, 2009
South Partners Lifetime Achievement award
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2014

How much is Paul Stanley Net worth in 2017

Paul Stanley has an estimated net worth of $150 million US dollars as of 2017. Paul Stanley estimated earnings from the “kiss band” is $200,000. Before kiss band, he worked for the local band named rainbow whose earnings are unknown. He gets his net worth from making tunes, performing live solo and with bands. Hise main source of income comprised from songwriting. He had written a number of songs which are hits. His 11 albums have got Gold as well as Platinum Status.

Paul Stanley is a great inspiration for all of us. Being a differently abled person he never stopped in the way to progress, he never let his impairment comes in between his dreams. He is an adorn to the music industry and who is an example to set the minds free of physically deformed person that their incapability is not something to hide instead they must build their dreams and go ahead to fulfill them. Paul Stanley net worth increased tremendously from the day he started his career and hope he continues rising like this.