Paul McDonald Net Worth

Who is Paul McDonald and what is his net worth 2018? Paul McDonald is an American musician from Huntsville, Albama. He was born on August 29, 1984. As of now, he is living in Nashville, Tennessee. He is famous because of his performance in the tenth season of the American Idol. In that tenth season of American Idol, he was ranked eight in that competition. After 2005, he formed the band Hightide Blues and he is the lead singer in it. The band renamed its name Hightide Blues to The Grand Magnolias in 2010.

His father’s name is David McDonald who is now a clinical psychologist. Name of his mother is Susan. She is the teacher of occupational therapy at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

Paul McDonald Net Worth 2018-2019

The genre of his music is rock and he is known as one of the highest contributor of the rock music. Paul McDonald dropped out of the college just six hours before the completion of his graduation. He said that he could not bother to waste any more time in anything that is apart from music.

In the tenth season of 2011, Paul McDonald received a golden ticket where he could compete before judges like Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. In that competition, he made it into top 24. From the public voting he was chosen as one of the finalist of that contest.

Paul McDonald Net Worth

His current net worth is $15 million. His earnings come mainly from his discographies. He married to Nikki Reed when they met first on the red carpet. Apart from the cash, he has more than 3 houses and three luxury cars.

He was divorced with his wife Nikki Reed now and this led to the decrease in the net worth of Paul McDonald. In the divorce, Nikki Reed got three cars that are luxury and three houses as well. In that divorce, Nikki Reed got the hold of the guard dog as well.

Even after this, he has a net worth of more than $15 Million and it is increasing every year as he has a whole career set before him. He is earning from his discographies and his presence in the American Idol.

When Nikki Reed got divorce from Paul McDonald, it was revealed that he has a lot of assets. So, Nikki Reed got three luxury cars and three houses as well as a guard dog in the divorce.

Paul McDonald business model is quite volatile. He left his college six hours prior to his graduation. This shows that Paul McDonald has passion and he is not shy of following it. Paul McDonald does not treat music as a source of his income but most of his net worth has been raised from the discographies and its sale in the US and worldwide. His net worth also rises from his performance in American Idol tenth season. In the tenth season of American Idol, he was ranked 8th in that contest.

He also acquires money from his performance with his band. He gets money from the money of the tickets and sponsorship. This business model of Paul McDonald is not quite unique but it is a traditional one. It does not fail easily but it is quite slow. To get more success, he need to change his traditional business model thinking to an aggressive business model to get the best of his talent from its audience.

There are many songs that were famous and were on US radio. But, most of them did not get mush musically acclaimed as of now. Yet, there are songs from his band The Grand Magnolia that you can listen while driving or commuting. The name of the album is the Grand Magnolia that was released in 2011. It hit the US chart on 12. 9000 copies were sold of that album on that period of time. As no music label has sponsored or produced the album, it was considered as a success.

Paul McDonald is no doubt one of the most talented musical artist of the world. His voice is gifted and he is very trained as well to entertain his audience. Despite this, the actual success is yet to hit him. By the way, there is a bright and safe musical career ahead of Paul McDonald and he can take the US and UK charts by the storm. We hope that his upcoming album gives him a bright future and hence increases his net worth.