Oskido Net Worth 2019

Who is Oskido and what is his net worth 2019? Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa or Oskdio is a South Africa-based recording artist, DJ, and businessman who was born on November 23rd, 1967 in Brits, North West, South Africa. He is one of the few artists that have made Kwaito genre of music very popular among people. He is the co-founder of Kalawa Jazmee records. He was born to a Zimbabwean father who was a politician and a South African mother. He graduated from Gifford High School, Bulawayo.

Early Life

He ran a family spaza shop before he went to Johannesburg to pursue his music career. He came to limelight when he performed at a nightclub, where he used to sell sausages. He got to play the DJ because the scheduled DJ didn’t arrive at time. Later on, he went on to launch his various songs and compilations which made him a bit popular among the world.

Oskido Net Worth


Oskido is in this industry from more than 25 years and has managed to give lots of songs till now which attracted lots of audiences and lots of followers for him. As he has survived for more than 25 years in the industry, people think that he must have earned a big income till now and his net worth would be huge. Let’s figure out if those people are right or not.

Net Worth of Oskido

As Oskido is working in the industry for very long, he has managed to make lots of money for him. Most of the money came from the compilations and songs he appeared in and some amount of money also came from Kalawa Jazmee records. which is around $2 million. As the co-founder of the company, Oskido must have got plenty of amounts from this deal as well.

Oskido having a net worth of around $2.8 million. This net worth is good for a person who hasn’t been very popular among the audiences. He is still active in the industry and you never know he can come up with new collaborations with other singers which can lead him to make more money. As he is a good businessman, he must have thought about his future too, thus we believe that he will be making lots of money in the coming years.

The star has managed to make a good amount of money for his living and he will definitely be making money for the same in coming years. But, is this money enough to buy all the luxurious things of the world? We really don’t think so, as the prices of various luxurious cars and luxurious assets are touching sky these days and with a net worth of $2.5 million, one can own some luxurious cars for sure, but it will subtract a big amount from the net worth.

This is possible that the star might be saving money for some other causes, which is why; no car has been listed on his name so far. Similarly, if we want to own a property these days, you need to spend around a million dollars to reside in a house that contains the best and most luxurious amenities. With a career of more than 25 years, it is near to impossible that a star wouldn’t have owned a house, but this can be said for Oskido as there isn’t any house listed on his name. It is possible that he might be living in a house that is gifted by someone else or is at the name of one of his family members.

Here is the family detail of the star.

• Father – Esaph Mdlongwa
• Mother – Emily Sophia Molefi
• Brother – DJ Pepsi
• Son – Bass Mdlongwa
• Daughter –Mandy Mdlongwa
• Daughter – Naledi Mdlongwa

So, this was everything about the star Oskido or we can say Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa. With the businessman skills and music skills he carries, it is possible that he will make a rapid increase in his net worth in the coming years, which will be great for him and his career.