Noddy Holder Net Worth 2018

Who is Noddy Holder and what is his net worth 2018? Noddy Holder is an English Musician and actor who was born on 15th June 1946 in Walsall, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom. He is famous for his powerful voice which differentiates him from other singers of the industry. His birth name is Neville John Holder.

Early Life

His father was a window cleaner. In 1976, he married to dress designer, Leandra Russell. They had two daughters Jessica Holder and Charisse Holder and both work for TV productions. They got separated in 1984. On April 7th, 2004 he remarried to TV Producer Suzan Price with whom he has a son Django who was named after Django Reinhardt.

Noddy Holder Net Worth

Education: After passing out from the Eleventh standard he attended a grammar school. Further, he went to T.P. Riley Comprehensive School and successfully qualified GCE 0-Level exams. He created a group named Rockin Phantoms along with his friends when he was 13 years old. He used to do a part time job during his teenage and from the money, he earned it he bought an amplifier and a guitar which indicates that how much he was passionate towards music.


His professional career began when he joined a band named Memphis Cutouts. After that, he composed four singles for the famous Columbia Records along with Steve Brett and Mavericks.

In 1966, he was encouraged by Don Powell to join a group named IN Between. The group included a guitarist Dave Hill along with a bass guitarist, Violinist, Songwriter and Keyboard Player named Jim Lea. They formed a new band named Ambrose Slade which later turned into Slade. The band became a huge success and it turned out to be one of the top-selling rock bands of the Britain.

He then wrote two sonnets titled Every day and How Does It Feel. Jim Lea and Noddy Holder became successful as the songwriting partners and together they composed all of the songs of the band. In its career of 25 years, 21 Singles and 15 albums were released by the band and all of them were a big hit.

The biggest hit of his career was Merry Christmas Everybody which still earns him up to $1 million each year in royalties. The track became number one in 1973 and it was declared as the top selling seasonal tune by Channel 5’s Eamonn & Ruth. According to C5 show, this song was the bestselling Christmas tune. Further, it was claimed that almost half of the population of the world heard this song.

The song was written jointly by Holder and Lea and was a composition of the Slade band. It was the sixth number of the band and it went straight to the number one in the UK chart. Till date, millions of copies have been sold separately in the UK itself.

During 1982, he jumped into production and worked with a band named Phase on One Single titled All I Want to do is Fall in Love With You which was the only song of this band. In 1983, he worked with an American Band named The First.

Further, in the same year, Holder and Lea did the production for a song titled 20th Century Boy. After that, they worked together for an album named Play Dirty which included two songs titled High And Dry and Burning in The Heat of Love. In 1985, Noddy worked on the single named Citizen Kane along with Lea and the single was released under his name only.

In 1988, he recorded a song titled Tear Into the Weekend which was for the advertisement of Pepsi in Canada.In 1992, he was departed from Slade Band and he appeared in numerous TV shows like The Grimleys which continued from 1996 to 2001. Further, he recorded songs titled Cum On Feel the Noize, Everyday, Mama Weer All Crazee Now and Coz I Love You which were the acoustic versions of the songs of the Slade Band.

In 1999, An autobiography of Holder was published by Ebury which was titled as Who’s Creeze Now. The autobiography is available online and was written by Holder and Lisa Verrico.

He got the Member of the Order of the British Empire Award for his contribution to the music industry in the 2000 Millennium Honor List of Queen. He is the composer of World’s most successful Pop record named Merry Xmas Everybody and he claimed that it took a whole afternoon for him to write about the royalties he achieved from it and he still earns half a million pounds each year from this.

He also appeared in a Television game named Pop Quiz which was hosted by Mike Read. He got the MBE Award in 2000 for his contribution to show business. His voice is specially used for the lift announcements at the prestigious New Art Gallary of Walsall. Over the past 25 years, he has given his voice, sung and acted in many projects of TV, Film, and radio all over the world.

He had been regularly contributing to the Radcliffe and Maconie Show which was aired on BBC Radio 2 continuously for 8 years. He was the third celebrity who got included into the Birmingham Stars Walk where around 27,000 people attended his induction ceremony. In January 2010 he along with his wife appeared on ITV channel in All Star Mr. And Mrs. Show and the couple won a jackpot worth $30,000 for the NSPCC charity. In June 2014, He was awarded the freedom of town Walsall which is his hometown. He released his second book on 25th September which titled The World According to Noddy.

In December 2015, he played the role of a presenter for Songs of Praise of BBC Television. He played a cameo role in Mrs. Brown’s Boys On Christmas of 2015.

Net Worth of Noddy Holder

This well-established actor and music celebrity of Hollywood has an estimated net worth of $26.4 million which is the outcome of his various professions and popularity worldwide.

His business and income mainly revolve around music and acting. His talent has brought him great wealth and success. Today he is among the richest celebrities of Hollywood and he lives a content life with luxurious resources. Moreover, he is also involved in the Production business.

Noddy Holder is a celebrity from Hollywood who has risen from the less to the top. He managed to reach at the top of the industry even with the limited sources he had. He is a living inspiration of all those who are striving hard to achieve something big. We wish him a great health and peaceful life ahead.