Nick Mason Net Worth

Presently of age 73, Nicholas Mason is acknowledged as an English based drummer. He is best recognised as a founding member of a progressive rock group named as Pink Floyd. He is the only Pink Floyd based member to be presented on each one of its albums, as well as he is recognised as the only continuous member of that band right from its creation in year 1965.

It is assessed that as of year 2010, this group have sold more than 250 million records globally, comprising 75 million total units sold in US. Net worth of Nicholas Mason is amassed high in his career and you can refer below to know how he did it:

Nick Mason Net Worth 2017-2018

Birthplace of Nick Mason is Birmingham. He is known to be a son of documentary film producer named Bill Mason. He was brought up inside Hampstead, located in London, appearing in the Hall School, located in Hampstead, and later studying in Frensham Heights School, around Farnham, located in Surrey. Later he has studied at a university, wherein he joined with Bob Klose, Roger Waters, as well as Richard Wright in year 1964 to create Pink Floyd’s predecessor named Sigma 6.

Mason’s popularity is high as he has been featured as a drummer on each of Pink Floyd album. The only Pink Floyd based songs whose conformation is accredited exclusively to Mason are “Speak to Me” (taken from The Dark Side of the Moon) and “The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party Parts 1–3” (taken from Ummagumma). It is found that the one-off song made by the band entitled as “Nick’s Boogie” was entitled after him.

The only times this drummer’s voice was encompassed on albums of Pink Floyd are “Corporal Clegg”, known as the single uttered line inside “One of These Days” as well as spoken portions of “Learning to Fly” and “Signs of Life” taken from A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Notwithstanding legal clashes over possession of the name ‘Pink Floyd’, which was started while Waters resigned from the group in year 1986 and continued for around seven years, Mason and Waters are presently on good terms.

He has joined with Waters on the past two nights of his year 2002 based world tour in order to perform drums on the Pink Floyd based song entitled “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”. Moreover, he too performed drums on few concerts of European tour of Waters in year 2006, and also in performances made in Los Angeles as well as New York City in US.

How much is Nick Mason Net Worth in 2017

Nick Mason is globally acknowledged as an English based drummer as well as a composer possessing net worth of $160 million US dollars as of 2017. He is identified as the only member of the immensely effective rock group named Pink Floyd, to have stayed as a member during the whole career of band.

Moreover, he has too worked as a guest drummer on many other albums of artists as well as he is known to be an author of a book entitled “Into the Red”, issued in year 1998. Since many years, Pink Floyd turned as one of the greatest commercially successful as well as musically powerful groups prevailing ever in the account of rock music.

This band has totally recorded 14 albums, and all of them except Animals have attained number one position in the US. Apart from his contribution with the band, this drummer possesses two major companies namely, Nick Mason Music as well as Nick Mason Music (Overseas). Moreover, he too possesses stakes in many other lucrative businesses, like a keyring maker inside Shropshire.

Being a founding member of a progressive rock group named as Pink Floyd gave Nicholas Mason major acclaim throughout his career. Presently, the members of the group are greatest cherished for their hallucinogenic or space rock music, as well as for its progressive rock music.