Neil Young Net Worth 2019

Who is Neil Young and what is his net worth 2019? Neil Young is perfect blend of everything you can imagine. He is a successful and popular Canadian musician, producer, director , screenwriter and singer- songwriter. What makes him stand out in the crowd is his zeal and enthusiasm to keep going despite several challenges in life. Undoubtedly, he has managed to make a mark in Hollywood industry within a short span of his career in acting.

Early Life

Neil Young was born on 12th November in the year 1945, Toronto, Ontario. His parents were Scott Alexander Young and Edna Blow Ragland “Rassy” Young. His parents played an instrumental role in shaping his career and inspiring him to chase his dreams.

Neil Young Net Worth

Neil Young has been in relationships with several women. His first wife was Susan Acevedo and their marriage lasted for about two years. Also, after that, he enjoyed his relationship with an actress namely Carrie Snodgress and their son Zeke was born in 1972. He was also married to Pegi Young and they had two children namely Ben and Amber. Currently, he is married to Deryl Hannah.

Neil Young was fascinated to listening to rock and roll, doo wop, R&B and western pop since his childhood. Some of the musicians who inspired him were Elvis Prestley, Link Wray , Jimmy Glimer , Hank Marvin. They played an ultimate role in making him realise his true talent. Some of his most popular songs which won him fame include Powderfinger ,A Man Needs A Maid, Helpless , Harvest Moon, etc. Heart of Gold, Old Man, Sugar Mountain, etc.

Now, Neil Young is adept to trying out different musical styles and keeps experimenting different things which makes him stand class apart from his other competitors. His road to success was indeed tedious and challenging but his faith to keep going was unshakeable. No wonder, that he is one of the most renowned musician in the world.

Neil Young has been honoured with several Juno and Grammy awards during his lifetime. In the year 2000, Rolling Stone named him the 34th greatest and most popular rock n roll artist. His achievements in the field of singing are innumerable. He has been widely acclaimed as a solo artist and his work with several instrumental rock bands has been acknowledged worldwide.

Net Worth of Neil Young

Neil Young’s net worth is estimated to be $70 Million. There are multitude reasons which can be attributed to his increased net worth. However, what tops the list is his versatility to fit in every single role ranging from acting to singing.

What makes him stand out in the crowd among thousands of others is his unconquerable will to succeed in the career of his choice. He holds the potential to achieve indefeasible feats in the arena of his interest. Indeed, he has been able to make a unique place for himself in the field of acting. Apart from that, he is humble and down to earth person which makes him even more popular among his fans and the crowds.