Mr. Vegas Net Worth

Who is Mr. Vegas and what is his net worth 2018? When it comes to singing rap songs and dancing, very few people in the world can beat the Caribbeans. They have a natural flair for dancing and singing. No one can match the swagger of the Caribbeans. There can be any number of examples of Caribbean people to prove this point. One such dancehall musician is Clifford Smith aka Mr. Vegas.

Born on 29 December 1974 in Kingston, Jamaica, Mr. Vegas has a tremendous pair of feet. In fact, he used to play excellent football. He literally used to dance his way through the opposition ranks. This earned him the moniker, Mr. Vegas because his schoolmates thought he kicked the football like a Las Vegas dancer.

Mr. Vegas Net Worth 2018-2019

During his younger days, he used to sing for the covers of Jamaican hits at the local parties. He used to write his own lyrics. He had a dangerous sense of humour that used to show in his songwriting. This attitude of Mr. Vegas proved to be his undoing many a time. A disgruntled person once hit him with a crowbar fracturing his face resulting in wiring his jaw shut for six weeks.

Obsessed with singing, Mr. Vegas could not wait for the wound to heal. He demanded the opening of the wires to allow him to continue singing. He had to change his speaking pattern as well. He immediately catapulted to fame with his rendition of Nike Air. He followed this very soon with another hit, Smash Heads. This song also resulted in the flurry of protests because of its anti-oral sex lyrics.

The year 1998 was an important year in his career. He recorded super hit songs such as ‘Yu Sure’, ‘Jack It Up’, and ‘Latest News’. He continued his good work in the following years with many of his songs becoming hits on the US R&B charts. He released his song, Damn Right in 2001 that had a guest appearance by Shaggy. This album reached #2 on the US Reggae chart.

He did a couple of collaborations with Machel Montano and Destra Garcia. The month September 2008 saw him announcing his retirement from the music scene citing reasons that he wanted to spend time with his children. However, he continued subsequently in 2009 and 2010 with some new songs. The same trend continued further and he is active on the scene even today.

He has won multiple awards at the 32nd IRAWMA celebration in 2013.

Education: He did not pursue any education after his high school days. In school, he was an active singer as well as an excellent football player. He displayed tremendous dancing skills whereby his schoolmates used to call him Mr. Vegas. The name stuck to him since then.

Mr. Vegas Net Worth

Mr. Vegas has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million. Considering the fact that he had a successful career as a singer from 1998 onwards, this figure should seem acceptable.

An exceptional dancer with amazing singing skills, Mr. Vegas is a true Caribbean at heart. Dancing and singing come naturally to this wiry man from Kingston, Jamaica.

He had a severe injury that forced him to keep shut for six weeks. However, he could not resist the temptation to sing. He demanded that the doctors unwire his jaw. He sang the Nike Air commercial during this time. It became an absolute rage. Since then, Mr. Vegas has not looked back.

Caribbeans are by nature outspoken. They say what they feel. The do not hold back anything. Mr. Vegas is a true Caribbean at heart. His outspokenness might have caused harm to many, including Mr. Vegas himself. He had to pay heavily because he had to endure a broken jaw.