Mike Shinoda Net Worth 2018

Who is Mike Shinoda and what is his net worth 2018? Mike Shinoda is recognised as a rapper, musician, singer, record producer, songwriter, and graphic designer. He is the one who co-founded Linkin Park in year 1996 as well as he is the rhythm guitarist of band, keyboardist, primary songwriter, producer, as well as a lead vocalist, typically offering rap-style vocals. Remove your confusion regarding getting details of Net worth of Mike Shinoda as you can get it below:

Early Life

Born in Agoura Hills, located in California, this is the same place where Shinoda was brought up. The singer’s father is basically of Japanese as well as an offspring of Kumaichiro Shinoda based floral company household. Moreover, he has one younger brother – Jason. Hi mother motivated him towards learning classical piano based lessons at an early age of six.

Mike Shinoda Net Worth

By the age of 13, he showed the interest to transit toward performing blues, jazz, as well as hip-hop. Later, he complemented guitar as well as rap-style vocals to his collection throughout his middle school as well as high school years. He completed graduation in year 1998 by a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration as well as attained job in position of a graphic designer.


Shinoda started Linkin Park along with Brad Delson and Rob Bourdon in year 1996. The persons finally brought in turntablist named Joe Hahn, bassist named Dave Farrell, and vocalist named Mark Wakefield. He is closely engaged in technical features of the recordings of band, and across following launches that role sustained to develop.

He, in association with guitarist named Brad Delson, planned as well as produced the Hybrid Theory EP of band. He also performed identical characters in a recording of Hybrid Theory. Also, he has subsidised towards instrumental as well as lyrical conformation on maximum Linkin Park’s songs. However Bennington chiefly worked as lead vocalist of Linkin Park, he seldom shared character with Shinoda.

Furthermore, Bennington possessed a higher pitched as well as emotional way of singing, while Shinoda possesses a baritone based hip-hop style delivery. The corresponding band launched its next album entitled Minutes to Midnight, in year 2007. In year 2014, Shinoda served with Delson in order to create the sixth studio album of band, entitled The Hunting Party, released in year 2014.

Apart from this, in year 2004, he created one side project named as Fort Minor. This he actually utilised as a possibility to even more display his hip-hop type background. Minor’s debut album entitled The Rising Tied, was launched in year 2005. Because of achievement of “Where’d You Go” in week of year 2006, auctions of The Rising Tied boosted by 45 percent, as well as this album chart place reached upward from 89 positions to No. 104 on Billboard 200.

Further, Shinoda has too worked as a music producer for many artists as well as groups. In year 2002, he along with Joe Hahn cooperated with X-Ecutioners in order to produce as well as play on single entitled “It’s Goin’ Down”.

Net Worth of Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda is essentially recognised as an American based musician as well as a record producer, and also worked as an artist finest identified as a associate of substitute rock band named Linkin Park attaining net worth of $25 million. Also, he has a hand in majority of Park’s imagery, comprising band merchandise, album artwork, on-stage production art and web design.

He along with his bandmates professionally created Park in year 1996. They also launched its debut album entitled as “Hybrid Theory” in year 2000 and he also rose to global fame. In year 2003, Park launched “Meteora” which made top place in Billboard 200 album chart. He also earned by making side project i.e. Fort Minor during year 2003 as well as 2004 to depict more of the hip-hop background as compared to what he could in a rock band named Linkin Park.

Mike Shinoda is finest acknowledged by serving as an artist of substitute rock band named Linkin Park. Many of his music creation reached at top position in Billboard chart, suggesting his music talents.