Michael Anthony Net Worth

Michael Anthony is a well-known Musician in America. He is a bass guitar player and a songwriter. Michael Anthony’s full name is Michael Anthony Sobo lewski. In the rock super group – Chicken foot, he is the bass player. This group is very famous for its performances and events. Earlier, he played for the hard rock band, Van Halen.

He is also famous for his actions on the stage. His estimated net worth is $65 million dollars US dollars. He achieved such a huge worth from his Musician career as a singer and as a player of bass guitar. He also involved the drummer Chad Smith and guitarist Joe Satriani in his band. His whiskey bottle guitar was designed by the Jack Daniels. He has many other different styles of guitar. He worked with 3 different bands and released 16 albums.

Michael Anthony Net Worth 2017-2018

Michael Anthony was born on 20th June 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He was born in a middle-class family. He grew up in the area of the Los Angeles. He has white ethnicity. In his childhood, he wanted to become a baseball player. He completed his schooling from the Dana Junior High School.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in music from the Pasadena City College. He is actually left handed but plays bass with his right hand. He has a tall height of 5 feet and 9 inches with a fatty body. His body weight is around 95 kg. He has long and brown color hair. He is a very simple man and doesn’t have any shirtless pictures. He always keeps a smile on his face.

Michael Anthony career begins in 1967. He wanted to be a baseball player. He also took part in the competitions of music. His interest in playing guitar increases. He got a guitar from one of his friends and he started composing music with his friends. He formed his band snake. While he was pursuing his degree in music, he met Eddie Van Halen guitarist and joined together. He created Poverty’s Children as his first band. He also played in other bands including Black Opal, snake, and ball.

He played bass guitar in the snake group. He took part in an audition and impressed Van Halen brothers. They asked him to join their band. He joined Van Halen. In 1974, they changed their Mammoth band name as Van Halen band. In 1977, he signed with Warner Brothers. From 1978 to 1995, they released ten albums.

He also released two sets and five songs. He is also a songwriter in the band. In 2004, he rejoined the band and released three songs on the album, The Best of Both Worlds. He was a back singer on the album. In 2006, he founded his band Chickenfoot.

In 1981, he married his school friend Susan Hendry. The couple has 2 daughters. Their first daughter Elisha was born in 1985 and second Taylor was born in 1992. He is currently living in Newport Beach of California with his family. He doesn’t have any past affair.

Michael Anthony received Icon of the year award of RockGodz Hall of the fame. This award helped him to earn a lot of fans in the whole world.

How much is Michael Anthony Net worth in 2017

Michael Anthony’s estimated net worth is $65 million US dollars as of 2017. He earned such a huge worth from his bass guitar and singing career. He was a bass player and songwriter in the rock supergroup Chickenfoot and Van Halen.

He is a very simple man. He earned a lot from his musician career. He doesn’t have any affair in the past. He was only in relationship with his wife. He achieved a lot of fame from his career and has a huge list of fans and followers on the social media. He is an inspiration for many people in the world.