Les Stroud Net Worth

Who is Les Stroud and what is his net worth 2018? Canadian survival expert Les Stroud was born on October 20, 1961, in Ontario, Canada. He is also a filmmaker, musician, and creator of the TV series “Survivor-man”. He graduated from Mimico High School, then he completed Arts program at Fanshawe College in Ontario.

He was married to a photographer Susan Jamison in 1994 and had their honeymoon in Wabakimi area in Ontario. After fourteen years of being married, the couple decided to get a divorce in 2008. However, the couple has two children.

Les Stroud Net Worth

The couple has spent one year in the Canadian wilderness in order to attempt and analyze Paleolithic existence. The first time he engaged in television was in 2001 when he produced two one-hour specials for science news show. After that, the door has been opened and he started to write and direct his own survival shows for numerous television channels. One of the most famous TV shows are Survivor-man in 2004, Surviving Sharks in 2008, and Beyond Survival with Les Stroud in 2010.

In addition to filming and shooting survival shows, he has also worked as a professional musician. The collaboration with The Northern Pikes was released in 2007 with a name Long Walk Home.

Les Stroud Net Worth

Les Stroud has a net worth of $6 million. He gained his net as a creator of TV series Survivor-man. Before he became a survival expert, he was involved in the music industry and worked as associate producer for Much Music, a music channel in Toronto. He was also credited as a songwriter for the band New Regime. He received for his contribution to music Best Overall award at the Spirit of the North music festival, Best Acoustic act and Best blues act awards.

His survival career started when he got married and had honeymooned in the Canadian wilderness. The couple created Wilderness Spirit Production and they signed collaboration with the Discovery channel in order to make first steps in his career. The first shows were called Winter in Wilderness and One Week in Wilderness and it got very popular to an audience which gave him the idea to develop a long-time show called Survivor-man in 2004.

Les Stroud became a producer, director, and cameraman for a new show, where he filmed himself without any additional members of the crew. He also produced Off the Grid with Les Stroud in 2006 and an hour long documentary called Snowshoes and Solitude, which was name the best documentary at the Muskoka Festival. In 2010 he started producing a children TV show, Survive this, for Cartoon Network and Beyond Survival with Les Stroud, as a new season to Survivor-man.

After he travelled to remote corners of the earth he became uncertain what can future bring to flourishing ecosystems. The first time he found plastic floating in the water over jungles and another area of wildlife, he stated that there are still undiscovered species of wildlife and that the government is responsible for unhealthy and destructive relation to nature.

He is also a great critic of garbage and thinks that only combined positive energy could override the destruction of the planet. His well-known phrase: “Think globally, act locally”, took over his audience. In his shows, he still thinks that the garbage should be illegal because technology changed the way we function. He took his activism efforts and travelled with the crew to help Sea Shepherds collect illegal fishing nets.

Les Stroud is also a member of the prestigious Explorers Club, where he has the highest rank of Royal Canadian Geographic Society. He has received the distinguished alumni award and it was nominated for the Premieres award for excellent work in his area.

He is a frequent contributor to numerous benefits and charities, and also he became an ambassador for Shelter Box. With his great knowledge of survival, he became a trainer for the Canadian Military Armed Forces and an adviser of Sea Shepherd Conservation Organisation.

We can understand Les Stroud as a multi-talented person who has just begun to engage in different activities which can provide him with more net in the following years. He is still in his full strength, and we can see that his future is certain. Of course, we can expect more television shows and more environment protection activities.