LeAnetta Robinson Net Worth

Who is LeAnetta Robinson and what is her net worth 2018? LeAnetta Robinson a blonde from New Jersey was born on June 17, 1993. She is a multi-quality celebrity. She is popular as LeA in her fans. She is pretty outgoing and ambitious in nature. She is an eccentric recording artist, but she has also the quality of songwriting, dancing, and acting. She even does cloth designing for herself.

LeA Robinson belongs to a musical family and she has a strong background in music. She is the granddaughter of musical legend Sylvia Robinson. Sylvia Robinson is considered as the founder of Hip-Hop and she also formed Sugar Hill Records. She was having her very own MTV Super Sweet 16. Sylvia along with her husband, Joe Robinson created an instrumental sensation with the emergence of Rap music as a format. She was the only one who introduced Hip-Hop music to the mainstream market. She was the one who with the release of “Rappers Delight” created a new format of performance and the arrangements were done by the Sugar Hill Gang in 1979.

LeAnetta Robinson Net Worth

LeA released her first EP entitled “The Legacy” as commemorating to her late grandmother Sylvia and she did it with a dedication. She did her debut to the world in early 2012. LeA was not considerable to do any debut, but unintentionally she did and launched her music career. She did her career debut while she was been in her high school. She did a compliance with her two best friends and she entered the Hip Hop world with that compliance.

LeAnetta Robinson Net Worth

The singer and model is a real symbol of the fashionista. LeAnetta LeA Robinson has been recognized due to her grandmother ‘Sylvia Robinson’. LeA is also called as the young Beyoncé. She has a reality show named as “First Family of Hip Hop”. LeA has a strong profile on Model Mayhem website. As of present year, LeAnetta’s current net worth is estimated to be around $400 thousand.

LeA has a family property to inherit. She has different assets, but she never disclosed the exact perception. She is a person of moral values, and she makes her way to success with the support of all. She has a good collection various concepts.

She is a philanthropist by nature, she does many events for the welfare of society and mainly she targets women awareness and girl security. She has no such business models concerned to money earning. She is considerable only towards her career and welfare work.

LeA has formed a group of girls called the ‘Bonde’. The Bonde group’s sole purpose was bringing a humanistic voice of teens to world issues. They focused those issues which impact teenagers, and they focus on women and girls issues as well. LeA with her friends was invited to collaborate. They collaborated with ‘The United Nations’ and the ‘World Health Organisation’ for the humanistic cause. The Bonde girls recently did their graduation from high school, they were best friends, but all departed as each went on to pursue college, even as individual careers in music. They reunited as ‘The Bonde’ for world events upon the request of welfare organisations.

They are going to represent a show and create a balance between the family heirloom of recording with the label, and even introduction to the public. They are presenting things in new ways and define how to improve it. Most family members try to make their breakthrough different ways. The group members have been growing up in the industry. They are keeping the label on a successful track. Robinson family is also certainly recognised to provide the advantage to their renowned label record to utilise it in welfare way.

She is a girl of ethics and she is always determined to do welfare work for the society betterment. She did many events to spread awareness regarding women and girl security. She has accomplished herself in the music industry with the referring concept of her family. She is considered as the young image of Beyoncé.