Kenny G Net Worth 2019

Who is Kenny G and what is his net worth 2019? Kenny G a personality that will inspire almost anyone. Kenny has fans across the globe. People respect him for the marvellous work he does. Kenny is an inspiration for many people. He is among the leading and the top instrumental musicians of this epoch.

Early Life

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick known by the stage name Kenny G was born on June 5, 1956, in Washington, USA. Kenny’s parents were Jews. The artist came to know about the saxophone after hearing The Ed Sullivan Show. Kenny first played at the age of 10. Kenny went to Whitworth Elementary school and graduated from the University of Washington. He tried getting into the Jazz band at his school but was rejected the first time. A friend from school, Robert Damper is a part of Kenny’s band. Kenny used to take private lessons from Johnny Jessen for saxophone every week once a year. Kenny also participated actively in sports and was part of the golf team in his school.

Kenny G Net Worth

Kenny G got married to Lyndie Benson in the year 1992 and the couple became parents of two sons. The couple splits and filed for a divorce in the year 2012. Kenny is an outstanding golf player and he also has a handicap of about 0.6. Kenny G apart from his other achievements is a pilot of an aircraft. Kenny owns a De Havilland Beaver seaplane and was an investor in the coffee chain, Starbucks.


Kenny G is an American saxophonist and is an instrumental player who people love listening to. Kenny began his career as a sideman of the Love Unlimited Orchestra in the year 1973. Kenny started off with his career at the age of 17 years. Kenny was also a part of Cold, Bold and Together and the Jeff Lorber Fusion. After gaining experience, Kenny started his solo career. Kenny signed a contract with the Arista records and released his first album.

People loved his music and after gaining positive response from the crowd, Kenny became more confident and his more albums entered the market. Kenny’s second album received platinum status in the states. Kenny became the sensation for people. Kenny gave marvellous work and amazing music to the industry. Kenny is responsible for giving us amazing albums like; I’m in the mood for love, Paradise, heart, and soul and the list continue. Kenny G is equipped with playing Selmer Mark VI soprano, alto and tenor saxophones. Kenny has also invented his own set of saxophones under the name, Kenny G saxophones.

Kenny has been appreciated for his amazing, outstanding talent. Kenny has been nominated for the Grammy award. Kenny has been felicitated with many awards like; the Hollywood Walk of fame.

Net Worth of Kenny G

Kenny G is a name that people are inspired by. Kenny is the best instrumental artist of this era. Kenny has something that makes him stand out of the crowd. The estimated net worth of this star is around $55 million. Kenny also had an investment in the prominent coffee chains, Starbucks. Kenny G has developed his own line of saxophones.

Kenny G is a personality that people admire and look up to. Kenny is an all-rounder, from giving amazing music to the industry to playing golf to being a pilot, Kenny is just amazing.