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Keith Emerson was a music composer and player from England. He founded Emerson, Lake & Palmer progressive rock band back in 1970. His popularity grew in 1960s when he formed The Nice band with David O’List, Lee Jackson, and Ian Hague. Keith played in many other bands but he also went solo for a lot of time and composed some music for films.

Keith Noel Emerson was born November 2, 1944 in Todmorden, Yorkshire, England. His parents were, Noel Emerson and he was a piano player, and Dorothy Frances Emerson. They had to move many times from their house because of the World War 2. Keith grew up in the South East of England in a neighborhood called Goring-by-Sea, and he went to West Tarring School.

Keith Emerson Net Worth 2017-2018

Keith Emerson married Elinor in 1969, she was from Denmark. They were the parents of 2 sons, Aaron Ole Emerson and he is a very good piano player, and Damon Keith Emerson, a camera man. In 1993 Keith had some health issues and in 1994 Keith and Elinor got divorced. Keith also had a relationship with Mari Kawaguchi for a very longtime, it lasted until he died. In 2016, his girlfriend, Mari, said that he was thinking that he’s not a good keyboard, piano player and he wants to kill himself.

On March 11, 2016 in Santa Monica, California, at his own home, Keith shot himself in the head. Doctors said that he had depression and heart disease. Keith was buried on April 1, 2016, in Sompting Cemetery, Lancing, United Kingdom.

Keith started taking piano lessons when he was 8. In 1967 he co-founded The Nice band and it was a very successful band, he got famous because of his work in it. The band went on too many concerts and tours. One of Keith’s compositions was used in an epic science-fiction film called 2001: A Space Odyssey, it was released in 1968.

After 4 years with The Nice, in 1970, Keith left them and started another band with Greg Lake and Carl Palmer called it (ELP) which stands for Emerson, Lake and Palmer, ELP was successful and went live many times even on radios, but in 1979 the band split. Since that, Keith started his solo career and released his first album ever in 1981, called it Honky, the album had 11 songs.

During that period he also worked for films and recorded many songs. In 1990s, ELP got back together and released 2 albums called Black Moon and In the Hot Seat, they also went on world tours together back then. Around 1995, Keith moved to California. The last years of Keith’s career were mainly focused on orchestral collaborations and going live tours with his own band.

How much is Keith Emerson Net Worth

Keith Emerson was a successful keyboard player and composer, and he co-founded ELP, and The Nice bands. Keith earned awards for his outstanding performance and for his role in the music life, including Frankfurt Music Prize and Orchestra Kentucky of Bowling Green Lifetime Achievement Award in the Arts and Humanities. He was also nominated for Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance in 1980. Keith Emerson had a net worth of $8 million US dollars.

Keith Emerson List of solo Albums

• Honky (11 Tracks), (1981).
• Changing States (10 Tracks), (1995).
• The Christmas Album (10 Tracks), (1999).
• Emerson Plays Emerson (22 Tracks), (2002).
• Godzilla: Final Wars (29 Tracks), (2004).
• Keith Emerson Band (19 Tracks), (2008).
• MOSCOW (15 Tracks), (2011).
• Keith Emerson at the Movies (51 Tracks), (2014).
• The Keith Emerson Trio (7 Tracks), (2015).

Keith Emerson was a very talented keyboard player and composer, he recorded and released many albums and singles, either solo or with bands. Keith shot himself in the head because he was in a depression thinking that he’s not a good musician anymore.
Keith Emerson, May Your Soul Rest In Peace.