Joe Satriani Net Worth

Who is Joe Satriani and what is his net worth 2018? A well versatile instrumentalist and professional rock guitarist, Joe Satriani hails from the Long Island, New York, even though originally of Italian descent. He is known for his signature style of playing the guitar for the rock genre of music, all the while collaborating with rock legends such as Deep Purple and Van-Halen to create rock history. Even though a rock star, Satriani has been married only once, and has stayed out of any fooling around outside of wedlock. Inspired by the death of great rock legend Jimi Hendrix, Satriani took up guitar at the young age of 14 and hasn’t looked back since.

He worked with music artists Mick Jagger. He also served as the guitarist of the English band, Deep Purple at the end of 1993. Joe Satriani’s journey into the annals of rock history began by taking on music classes with the jazz guitarist Billy Bauer along with the recluse of a jazz pianist – Lennie Tristano. He then went on to join a band named “The Squares” His debut album came out in 1986 followed hot on its trail by the second studio album titled “Surfing with the Alien” in 1987.

Joe Satriani Net Worth 2018-2019

Joe Satriani is said to be married to Rubina Satriani for quite some time now shattering the stereotype of rock stars being averse to monogamy and fidelity. He is one of the select few rock stars who has taken under his wing various rock virtuosos before they even famous, teaching them how to play.

Steve Vai is one such student who also hailed from Long Island and eventually went on to accrue a lot of fame playing for David Lee Roth. Other successful Satriani Pupils were Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Charlie Hunter, Larry LaLonde from Primus and Alex Skolnick amongst others. Satriani has collaborated with the likes of Mick Jagger, and has even played guitar for Deep Purple in 1993.

Joe Satriani has had an eventful career from decades past, which still continues till today. He tours with Steve Nai under the group name G3 and also taught rock guitar right from the 70’s. Vai stands as testimony to Satriani’s teaching and musical genius as is documented through several interviews in the press and other social media.

Satriani is also known for touring with Mick Jagger in New Zealand and Australia in support of his solo album outside of the Rolling Stones. Satch” as the guitarist is nicknamed, released his most successful album until date in 1992 called “the Extremist” which garnered critical acclaim as well as wide-spread commercial success.

1993 saw Satch playing with Deep Purple and being invited to stay on permanently. October 2010 saw the release of his latest album Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards

Joe Satriani Net Worth

Joe Satriani has a net worth that is hard to put a number on, since he tours all the time and has money coming constantly in the form of royalties. His net worth at around $13 Million from touring, music sales, royalties and other miscellaneous promotions and ad campaigns.

Going by Joe Satriani’s immense talent and his down to earth nature, it definitely makes for an interesting combination of qualities in a rock star that is rarely seen otherwise. His monogamous nature, interests in teaching and other related interests show him to be a grounded person. Whereas the immense talent that he is blessed with, makes him a valuable commodity in the rock business and a revered rock icon!