Joe Elliott Net Worth, Career, Assets & Biography

Joe Elliott is a famous musician and singer based in England. He is the lead singer of the famous band, Def Leppard. He has performed individually and for other bands too but Def Leppard made him all popular. He was one of two founding members of the band and has been in every single album that the band has released till now.

Joe was born on August 1st, 1959 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in England. He was named Joseph Thomas Elliot and was educated at King Edward School. From a very young age he was very passionate about music and even learned to play the guitar. He also had an amazing voice but he did not realize it as he always thought he would join a band as an instrumentalist.

Joe Elliott AKA Def Leppard Net Worth 2017-2018

He was very passionate about starting a band and coined up the name ‘Deaf Leopard’ which he decided would be the name of his future band. When he was 18 years old, he first met the person who would change his entire life and this in turn would lead to the eventual formation of his own band, Def Leppard.

In November of 1997, Joe missed a bus which led to the meeting between him and Pete Willis who was a member of the local band which was called ‘Atomic Mass’ After chatting with Pete and finding out that they had similar interests and were musicians he went along with Pete to meet the rest of the band members of Atomic Mass. When he met the band members, he was very eager to play the guitar for them and showed them his skills to that accord.

The band, however, was more interested in his ideas and commitment to the band and they tried him out as a lead singer which he nailed with perfection. Once it was decided that Joe would be the lead singer of the band, he suggested that the members change the band’s name to Deaf Leopard. The band, being very impressed by his enthusiasm and ideas, immediately agreed.

Tony Kenning, a close friend of the band members later suggested that the band members change their name to Def Leppard to differentiate them from the many contemporary bands around at that time. This was when Def Leppard was officially born. Apart from being the band’s lead singer, Joe also tried his hand at song writing and soon became an important part of the band.

As Joe had been listening to a wide range of music from a very young age, he had a superb palate and eclectic taste in music. He used his unique style and applied to his song writing which helped the band produce super hit songs and albums.

Apart from his career as the lead singer at Def Leppard, Joe also worked on several side projects many of which were tributes to famous musicians like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Ian Hunter. Joe has also worked along with Ronnie Wood, Lori Spree and The almighty on their respective albums. Joe Elliot has also worked on many collaborations and released some songs on his own label.

Joe Elliot Net Worth in year 2017 is approximately $75 Million US Dollars

Joe has earned quite a lot being the lead singer at Def Leppard. The band’s albums usually sell like hot cakes which increase revenue for the band. The band had some really successful albums including Hysteria which sold 20 million copies and Adrenalize which sold a whopping, unimaginable 100 million copies. All of this sales helped Joe bring up his net worth up to $75 million US dollars.

Apart from having a luxury condo in Los Angeles, Joe also has a sprawling property in Ireland which he received as part of the divorce settlement when he parted ways with Karla Ramdhani. It cost him half a million pounds just to restore the 7000 sq. ft. property!

If you think of rock music, Joe Elliot should be one of the names that would pop into your mind. He has contributed so much to rock music through his band, Def Leppard. Recently, in 2012, he decided to start an all-star band along with rock’s most recognized performers including a couple of members of the very popular Guns ‘n’ Roses band.