Janick Gers Net Worth 2019

Who is Janick Gers and what is his net worth 2019? Janick Gers is one of three guitarists of heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He joined the group in 1990, after the departure of Adrian Smith. Before he played the part of Ian Gillan, he was a leading guitarist of the band White Spirit and the 1980 release of their album of the same name. In 1985, he joined the former members of Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno and drummer Clive Burr in the band and recorded Gogmagog NWOBHM EP called I Will Be There.

1990 Janick recorded guitar tracks on the first solo album of Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, and shortly afterward he was asked by Bruce to replace Adrian Smith in Iron Maiden. Janick is from 1990 until today a much more of a sound of Iron Maiden. He is known for his famous live shows, throw-spinning guitar.

Janick Gers Net Worth

Janick for many years played the Fender Stratocaster, classic black and white or white appearance with a rosewood fingerboard, and a built-in Seymour Duncan JB pickups (today) and Hot Rails has (just before).

Like his colleagues in the band used the Marshall JMP-1 through Marshall 9200 power amp. Like many British is a great fan of football and the English Hartlepool United.

At the end of the seventies, he played in White Spirit. In the early eighties, he was in the Gillan band. 1985. Participating in the project Gogmagog In the mid-eighties he joined Fish (of Marillion). 1989 Bruce Dickinson invites him into his solo project. In 1990 comes the Iron Maiden, Adrian Smith, instead of when a member of the famous band. He stayed as part of Maiden, even when Smith returned to the band.

He preferred Fender Stratocaster and over the years, the most popular guitar was his black Stratocaster. He says musicians who most influenced him, are: Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck and Irish blues guitarist Rory Gallagher. And if it is left-handed, he plays guitar right-handed (observed that signing autographs left).

Net Worth of Janick Gers

Janick Gers have more than $15 million of overall net worth. We can understand this amount if we remember that he plays in a most popular metal band in the world, Iron Maiden.

Forty years of work, thirty-five years of official discography, million editions, gigantic tour, all this is Iron Maiden, the gods of metal from England. With all the legendary voice of the band Bruce Dickinson, who is also a writer, swordsman, pilot, businessman, head of the radio show and whatnot, Iron Maiden is a gigantic unit with solid leader Steve Harris that progresses through the decade stronger than most other bands.

Formed in Layton, east end of London in 1975, Iron Maiden was among the pioneers of British heavy metal wave of the late seventies and early eighties left a strong impression on the world rock and metal music. Maiden also defines the famous mascot, “Eddie”, who came to life on almost every issue of the band during live performances, in the video game…

The band was formed when Harris decided to leave his previous band, Smiler, while the band name is taken from the film adaptation of “The Man in the Iron Mask”, a film from 1939, resulting from a novel by French writer Alexander Dumas because it is the name of the work recalled the famous device of torture, “the iron camel” (iron maiden). Through the band’s early years it passed quite a few people were the only permanent members (even to this day) other Steve Harris and guitarist Dave Murray.

Album “No prayer for dying” brought some major changes, certainly with the departure of guitarist Adrian Smith, who was replaced by Janick Gers, a guitarist who had previously worked on a solo album by Bruce Dickinson, “Tattooed Millionaire”, and with Ian Gillian. In addition, the band changed their sound, which is atmospheric, the progressive sound this time decided to follow something drier, rawer sound like it a bit like the initial days of the band with Di’Anno. Dickinson has also changed its approach to singing on this album sounds a lot dirtier and more aggressive than in previous, more melodic sections.

Even though there were some charges addressing Janick Gers about his playing style, we can only say one thing; he is an indispensable part of the Iron Maiden team. We can expect that he will play until the band is alive; however, if we talk about net worth, we can proudly say that Janick could now retire and without any worries live to the rest of his days.