Jai Brooks Net Worth 2018

Who is Jai Brooks and what is his net worth 2018? Jai Brooks was born on 3rd May 1995 in Melbourne, Australia two minutes after his brother Luke Brooks. The nationality of Jai Brooks is Australian. His traditional culture is White. Jai’s by birth full name is Jaidon Domenic Matthew Brooks.

Jai Brooks is an essential member of the famous YouTube group ‘Janoskians.’ He is a comedian and popular vlogger whose practical jokes and mockumentaries which are a television programme or film which takes the form of a serious documentary in order to satirise its subject went circulated rapidly and widely in 2011, and he slowly began earning subscribers and fans.

Jai Brooks Net Worth

Jai together with his brothers Beau and Luke Brooks and best friend Daniel are gaining millions of hearts on YouTube. Theirs accompany team member James quit the group in 2016 to focusing on his DJ career and for particular projects. The adaptable comedians have over 2.4 million subscribers and fans on their own channel, not to allude to billions of viewers on some other forums too!

Jai has maximum 1.1 million fans on Instagram and just about 2 million followers on Twitter. He regularly converses with his fans and looks after for tours all around the globe to meet them all too!

The handsome and stunning Jai Brooks is one of the most desired over ‘Janoskians’. He has a suitable dressing sense, an obsession for hats and a poisonous smile. He mainly sports casual wear. Jai is frequently made fun of by his group for his name, but he ignores it all. He is very passion about sports and takes on dares in a self-assured way.

He is also one of the hardest workers, as also when the group isn’t recording videos, he is occupying himself in editing or making videos better. He is also very devoted, as he hasn’t begun a channel of his own; sooner he gives priority to focus on his group. He loves staying and living fit, and posts hot and sexy pictures of himself on Instagram.

With the focus of attention, Jai has become proficient in, it is hard for him to stay out of the public eye, as he is always under public and media survey. Jai loves and lives music; he calls music as medicine for his soul. He loves R & B music and his lovable entertainers are Usher, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars.

Jai is a fan of sports, loves very much to play video games, and is also a food addict; his first choice in food is lasagna and tacos. His first choice in the movie is ‘Step Brothers’ and he loves and looks like handsome in the color gray. Nevertheless, he gets the trembles if he ever notices a spider!

He has always been disposed towards fashion and had a passion ear for music. Jai together with his brothers passed out of high school to focus on their YouTube career. Jai was an intelligent student in all through his schooling years.

He has three siblings and Jai is a younger from them. Jai has a twin brother named Luke and an older brother named Beau. His mother Gina Brooks is not only his die heart fan and supporter but his manager also. She aids plan tours and business meetings for him, and go along with him for them also.

In 2012 – 2013 he was in a relationship with celebrity Disney star Ariana Grande, the two had an off and on the relationship, but people loved watching them together. Jai also worked up a lot of controversies while in a relationship with the pop star, Ariana. They were quite an outlook and the couple seems good together; unluckily they split up in 2013, but were lived together again in 2014 and continued relation for a short time while up to the separate their ways permanently. He is presently single and focusing on only his career.

Net Worth of Jai Brooks

He has gained more than 225 million YouTube views as joined as a member of the Janoskians. Jai Brooks is a member of musical group The Janoskians that founded in 2011. They rose to fame at a recent time and all of it’s members began gaining some nice earning. Jai Brook’s net worth is estimated at $750 thousand. That’s in fact not bad for someone who just became twenty. The group began it on their own, uploading videos on YouTube and slowly made their way to victory.

Australian young guy Jai Brooks who earned internet popularity as a part of the comedy group Janoskians surrounded by brothers Beau Brooks, Luke Brooks, and friends James Yammouni and Daniel Sahyounie.

Jai is a very excellent guy and he has made his impact all over the world. Jai Brooks is not only a star on the YouTube but also he has made his impact on some other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. He has official permission for an Instagram account where he posts his pictures on the frequently basis, and his fans hit like and drop comments on of his the posts.