Jahlil Beats Net Worth 2019

Who is Jahlil Beats and what is his net worth 2019? Jahlil Beats was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, a working-class city. When he was 12 he was introduced with audio engineering and passion for music expanded rapidly under his father guidance. At fifteen he though his brother how to produce music and they started to make beats together. He wanted to go to college, however, he lost a financial aid and he returned to his city. Soon afterward he met rapper Meek Mill, and they started collaborating with each other. That was the moment when he took music seriously.

Jahil Beats became popular after producing several tracks for Chris Brown and Tyga mixtape “Fan of a fan”, that included worldwide hit “Holla at Me”. He has always considered this as his first big job. When 2011 arrived he produced Meek Mill’s hit “Ima Boss”, and it was named in top ten best instrumentals between 2008-2013.

Jahlil Beats Net Worth

When he signed with Roc Nation of Jay-Z he became widely known for almost every popular artist in the USA. He collaborated with 50 Cent, Rihanna, Busta Rhymes, Nelly, French Montana and of course Jay-Z. He worked on his twelfth album “No ID”, and in 2012 he released EP “Legends of Music”.

After the first EP, he released “Legends Era II” in 2013 with lots of featured guest vocals such as Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Game, Problem and Meek Mill. It was a critically acclaimed album with highly positive critics.

His production style is unique because at first, he used samples, now he records everything from scratch.

Net Worth of Jahlil Beats

Jahil Beats produced “Hot Nigga” that was popularised with single “Shmoney Dance”. With different production styles and tags he was often misinterpreted, however, you can understand his obsession with music in his everyday life. He has around $4 million net worth. That is an incredible result for a college dropout from a dangerous neighbourhood outside of Philadelphia.

He started to produce music for famous rappers, and he was really good at it. With his own additional studio albums, he got a great amount of cash that was important for his net worth. In 2015, he became better because he produced Meek Mill’s single “Monster” and Dok2 album Multimillionaire. With his particular talent, he is able to improve himself on yearly basis.

While Meek Mill was on house arrest, it was announced that Jahlil Beats and Beanie Sigel are making a mixtape “Still Public Enemy”. When he sat down with Nah Right in order to discuss the project, the idea was to follow up to Public Enemy. The project will be filled with sampled throwbacks such as kicking the door and similar.

It was announced that this project will surprise the fans because no one will expect such a tape. These two haven’t collaborated yet, however, after Public Enemy #1 mixtape, this project has to combine craziness, artistic sides of these two producers and pure energy. They haven’t announced a date yet; however, we can assume it will be finished by the end of the year.

Also, it was announced that after Meek Mill emerges house arrest it will drop DC4, the new upcoming album that all has been waiting for. He updated fans with information about new beats, teasers and he gave a hint and insight how the next album is going to sound.

These two have met more than 15 years ago and they are collaborating together since then. Of course, Jahlil Beats worked with other famous rappers; however, it looks like he has given all his efforts for Meek Mill. After making a hit single “I’m a Boss”, Meek haven’t updated his album collection, so after the house arrest, we can expect new projects and adventures.

Jahlil Beats is one of a kind record producer and musical mentor that didn’t have a nice life, but still, he made in top ten. We can rest assured and wait for him to emerge in something bigger and important than now. We can say, without any concern that he can become new Dr. Dre. So with these talents, Jahlil Beats is one of the innovative producers of modern music. That is the reason he is respected in musical circles.