Jah Cure Net Worth 2019

Who is Jah Cure and what is his net worth 2019? He was born in Montage Bay, Jamaica, and he was raised in Kingston Town. From his early age, he was involved in reggae music and his rise to fame was rapid in the late ‘90’s. However, his amazing climb was halted by a jail sentence. When he was only 18 years old, Jah Cure released critically acclaimed single “King in This Jungle”, with Sizzla in production by Beres Hammond.

This was the key moment in his life because Hammond will later become his manager and golden kid. Also, Sizzla introduced him into a Rastafari sect that lives communally, but it wasn’t great for the police, so it was always a target for numerous shakedowns.

Jah Cure Net Worth


With a steady release of singles, produced by Hammond, he gained more praises and popularity; however, everything became different in November 1998. When he was driving with some friends around Montage Bay police pulled them over close to Margaritaville club. Police interrogated him and asked him did he know the girl that was raped. They called a girl and she told the police that she was raped by him. Jah Cure was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He stated that he was innocent.

While he was sentenced on the outside world he gained lots of followers and supporters among reggae fans. In a matter of days, he became a folk hero. There were lots of campaigns that included his name and those protests were common in people in those days.

Because of his popularity, they transferred him to a better prison with a recording studio for inmates. In there he recorded new tracks that will appear on his next album. After he was released he issued a new album with different celebrity guests. In 2015 he released The Cure and he made a chart in few days. This song is combined with a cover of John Legend’s song “All of me”.

Net Worth of Jah Cure

Jah Cure has total net worth around $2 million. How did he get so much money you wonder? When Beres Hammond took his by the wing and became a mentor of Jah Cure, he became something out of nothing.

There was a talent involved, but with a help of great music engineer soon his music became viral. After his conviction, he faced 15 years in prison and at the same time amazing popularity and chart breaking records. That gave him the possibility to be transferred to a better prison with a recording studio for inmates.

When he was in jail he recorded a few records and many of them got on the chart as a first place. For example, two songs “Longing For”, produced by Don Carleton and “Jamaica” became first place on Jamaican reggae chart and gained international success. His first album was released and recorded before he was released in 2001.

Most critics compare Jah Cure simplicity, and lyrical performance, with Bob Marley’s album “Exodus”. It was very deeply involved album with Rastafari ideas and filled with spreading the love for nature and society through music. Beres Hammond has produced his second album “Ghetto Life” with hit single “Divide and Rule” with Sizzla, which was voted as the best song of the year.

Since his release, he was only making hit singles with Call on Me, and he collaborated with Rick Ross and Mavado. He was seen in international dance halls all across the world. In his album “World Cry”, the second album since he became a free man. As soon as it hit chart song “Unconditional love” became number one reggae single worldwide. In the album, he collaborated with MDMA, Rick Ross, Mavado, Keri Hilson and much more.

He frequently tours and makes additional singles that are overflowing international reggae charts.

We can expect from him more commitment because in every song we can feel his complete emotion. As we know what he did everything in his life, we can say with certainty that he is one of a kind. We have freed one of the world’s greatest reggae stars of today. There was a rumour that he already started with writing new material. It was announced at the end of the present year.