Jack & Jack Net Worth

Who is Jack & Jack and what is their net worth 2018? Rapping is a tough job. Any rapper needs support. There are usually Hype men in every rapping group. The basic job of the hype man is to engage the crowd and help the rapper when he falters a bit occasionally. Now, if you have two full-fledged rappers performing together as a team, you do not feel the need of any hype man to help them. They can complement each other perfectly.

Jack & Jack is one such pop rap duo. Their original names are Jack Johnson and Jack Gillinsky. Born on 24 March 1996 and 10 September 1996 respectively, Jack Johnson and Jack Gillinsky are great friends since the day they joined their kindergarten school. It was a coincidence that they wore the same type and color of shirts on their first day. They discovered that they share their first names as well. The friendship that began on that day lasts until date.

Jack & Jack Net Worth 2018-2019

They started their career in 2007 with Mother Falcon Quagmire. They were experts at performing short satires as well as parodies of famous songs. Initially, they started as a hobby. However, their videos had tremendous appeal during their schooling days.

Once they reached high school, they stopped doing these YouTube videos. In the year 2013, Jack Johnson started posting his vines. The other Jack followed soon. Thus, they rebranded their joint account as Jack & Jack. They were only 6-second vines of pre-existing songs, comedy skits, etc. By February 2015, they had more than 5 million followers. In April 2015, they held the 18th most popular rank.

This pair is an enterprising pair. They released two mobile app games as well in collaboration with Omaha-based mobile games company, SkyVu entertainment. Their first game, Let It Goat became very popular, garnering over a million downloads in the first month. This encouraged them to come up with a second game, Jack & Jack Vines Puzzle Game.

The year 2013 marked their entry into the musical field when the pair met sophomores, Turner and Travis Eakins. With the help of this collaboration, jack & jack recorded their first songs together. This album included the first single, Indoor Recess. They released this music on iTunes as well.

The next song to release was their favourite song, Distance, in January 2014. Within one year, they released about eleven singles including collaborations with Emblem 3, Shawn Mendes, and Steve Aoki.

The best part of both the Jacks is that they are capable of writing their own songs and composing the music for the same as well. By February 2015, they had sold more than one million singles on iTunes. Many of their songs have ranked high on the Billboard Top Digital Songs List. They have also released an extended play Calibraska on the digital market.

Jack Gillinsky is dating Madison Beer, a fellow singer, at present.

Education: As pointed out earlier, both the Jacks met at the Omaha Westside High School. They studied together throughout. The details of their high school education are not available on the internet.

Jack & Jack Net Worth

Jack & Jack net worth is $2.2 million. This is a very young pair at work. They have a long future ahead of them. They are sure to break many records in the future.

This pair started their journey with Mother Falcon Quagmire. Prior to that, they were adept at releasing vines and videos on YouTube. Experts at performing satires and parodies, this pair have the capacity to entertain people of all ages.

They have visited several countries on musical tours such as Australia, New Zealand, etc. In fact, after finishing their high school, they moved to Los Angeles to work on their headlining tour with DigiTour Media. They toured all over the US performing shows and entertaining people in 18 cities all around the US.

This pair has the credit of performing with Emblem3 at the Ralston Arena in December 2014. This pair has performed in the UK as well having made their Wembley appearance on 21 March 2015.

The tours continue for the pair. Their popularity is increasing all around the globe. It is only a matter of time before their net worth starts spiraling upwards.

Very few people have performed consistently as pairs. Of course, they join late in life after establishing as single performers. Jack & Jack might be the only pair to perform since childhood. This friendship has sustained over the years. In fact, this pair has become inseparable.