Izzy Stradlin Net Worth

A metalhead/ rock-music enthusiast would be coming very close to worshipping the Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist, Izzy Stradlin. Even his net worth will not be able to justify his fanfare across the world.

Izzy Stradlin Biography

Fans around the world know him as Izzy Stradlin but at birth, he was named Jeffrey Dean Isbell. He was born on the 8th of April, 1962 in Lafayette, USA. We know him as the man who founded one of the most famous rock n roll bands in the world: Guns ‘n’ Roses. How did he get there? His affair with music began very early on when he was just eight years old. Born in a small town, he loved the simple life that he lived. His paternal grandmother was most notably, the biggest musical influence in his life. Since his grandmother played the drums, he convinced his family to buy him a drum-set of his own.

Izzy Stradlin Net Worth 2017-2018

While growing up, he idolised rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and so on and so forth. Despite minimal interest in academics, he graduated with an average of D.

Over the course of his career, he has been associated with some of the best guitar makers in the world, Fender and Gibson being the most notable.

Izzy’s musical career began in 1979 when he moved to L.A. Since then, until today, he has been associated with a number of bands. Obviously, out of all of them Guns ‘n’ Roses is by far the biggest band of them all. Before Guns ‘n’ Roses he played for this punk band that went by the name of ‘Naughty Women’.

In 1983, he along with college best friend Axl Rose formed a band of their own that went by the name of ‘Hollywood Rose’. Looking at it now, one can confidently say that this was prequel to Guns ‘n’ Roses. Just two years later, in 1985, the band was formed. While Izzy and Axl were the initial founders, soon, they got the likes of Slash, Steven Adler and Duff McKagan on board. Nobody reaches the top immediately.

During the initial period, they played at nightclubs. However, the big egos in the band ultimately led to its demise. In 1991, Stradlin left the band that he formed and formed a new band called ‘ Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds. Over the next few years, he had a couple of stints with Guns ‘n’ Roses. Ultimately, it all failed and even today he is performing but as a solo artist.

What is net worth of Izzy Stradlin?

For nearly thirty years now, Izzy has been in the music industry. In all this time, he has accumulated a significant amount of wealth for himself. He has a net worth of nearly $30 million US dollars as of 2017. All that he has earned is because of music. Record labels, performances, guitar endorsements and what not.

The introduction of Izzy Stradlin into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 is a statement in itself. He is a contemporary rock legend, no doubt. Every musician, rock musician specifically, idolises him and rightly so.