Gerard Way Net Worth 2019

Who is Gerard Way and what is his net worth 2019? Gerard Way is a singer, musician, songwriter, and also worked as a comic book based writer. He worked as lead vocalist as well as co-founder for rock band entitled My Chemical Romance right from its creation in year 2001 till its splitting in year 2013. Net worth of Gerard Way is grossed mainly from his career as a singer and musician, get more details below:

Early Life

Way’s birthplace is Summit, located in New Jersey. He is born as son of Donna Lee and Donald. Basically he belonged to Scottish and Italian origin. He was brought up in Belleville, in New Jersey, with his brother named Mikey.

Gerard Way Net Worth

Initially, he started singing publicly right from his study in fourth standard, during the time he performed character of Peter Pan in one school based musical production. When he was of age 16, he made appearance on one episode of Sally Jesse Raphael for discussing controversy nearby the spreading of serial killer named Jeffrey Dahmer’s corruptions in many comic books. With determination to follow career in comic-book industry, he studied at school for visual arts in New York, attaining degree of graduation in Fine Arts in year 1999.


When he was a teenager, he with his brother named Mikey, who became a bassist in My Chemical Romance later on were inspired by artists like The Misfits, Iron Maiden, Danzig, Black Flag, Pulp, Queen, Morrissey, Blur, as well as The Smiths. He primarily wished to become a guitarist. It is known that his grandmother purchased for him first guitar of his life at age eight as well as he was depicted in bands like Nancy Drew and Ray Gun Jones with aspiring band mate named Ray Toro.

However, when he was not effective, he selected to focus on his art based job. Moreover, Way has too worked vocally for bands like Head Automatica’s “Graduation Day”, Every Time I Die’s “Kill the Music”, “In Defense of the Genre”, Say Anything’s , The Oval Portrait’s “From My Cold Dead Hands” as well as “Barnabus Collins Has More Skeletons in His Closet Than Vincent Price”.

Moreover, in year 2014, Way started his Tumblr-founded site in which he declared that he had contracted to Warner Bros. Records in form of solo artist as well as he was approaching end of his initial solo album. After this, he declared a latest song entitled “Action Cat”, launched as a promotional based single for his latest album. Also, he declared about his leading solo shows held at Reading and Leeds Festivals back in year 2014.

Later, he declared extra solo performance which was arranged at Portsmouth’s Wedgewood Rooms. In year 2015, Way worked as a solo artist in association of The Hormones for main stage of Australian year 2015 based Soundwave music festivals, as well as featured an extra sideshow arranged in Melbourne. In the same year, it was proclaimed that he will make performance at the Boston Calling Music Festival.

Way fought with prescription drug addiction and alcoholism for several years however is currently sober. In year 2007, after arrangement of concert in Colorado, he got married to Lyn-Z, recognised as a bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence, offstage on last date of Projekt Revolution trip. The couple’s daughter named Bandit Lee Way was born in year 2009. His family presently lives in Los Angeles, located in California.

Net Worth of Gerard Way

Gerard Way is globally recognised as a musician and singer, also served as a comic book writer, having net worth of $25 million. This singer amassed his fortune well as well as he is greatest famous for becoming lead vocalist as well as founder of famous band entitled as “My Chemical Romance.” Apart from earning through his vocal talents, Gerard has too written as well as published personal comic book based series entitled “The Umbrella Academy”.

People recognise Gerard Way as becoming a co-founder of renowned rock band entitled My Chemical Romance. He worked in many solo albums as well as featured in many music festivals.