Geddy Lee Net Worth 2018

Who is Geddy Lee and what is his net worth 2018? Geddy Lee is a man like any other man, but his talent and skills make him special. He is a well-known musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He has some exquisite guitar skills, styles, and techniques that will make you wish you were a rock star. He is a member of the Rush band, and he is famous for all the ‘flavor’ he adds to the music with his skills. Geddy has been a source of inspiration for many rock musicians over the years and has been a great motivation too. He has received many awards for his massive skills and his talent. His instruments of choice and expertise include the bass guitar, vocals, and the keyboard.

Early Life

Geddy Lee Weinrib was born in the year 1953 in July. He is a Canadian born to Morris Weinrib and Mary Weinrib. His father was also talented in music but met his untimely death because of health factors that resulted from an earlier life experience that was terrible. After losing his father, he sank deeper into music because he realised that he needed to make a career out of music. He formed a music band that became popular. As soon as they started making some money, Geddy decided to drop out of school; a move that his mother disagreed with.

Geddy Lee Net Worth

By the age of 9, he was playing in school, and he acquired his first guitar while he was 14 years. He learned how to play the trumpet, drums, and clarinet while at school and took private piano lessons. His interest in music was sparked by Jack Bruce of Cream and other members of other bands.


In 1969, he had started playing professionally although it was at coffeehouses, school dances, and other outdoors events. They (Rush Band) also opened venues for many artists and bands in their early years. By 1972, they were now capable of more, and they would have their full-length concerts.

As the Rush became more popular, they toured the country and produced many hit albums like A Farewell to Kings, Moving Pictures, 2112, and Grace Under Pressure. Other than working with the Rush Group, Lee has also featured in other bands. He produced an album for Boys Bridge band based in Toronto. He recorded guest vocals for an album called We Are the World; a song called Tears Are Not Enough. This was an album by a humanitarian Consortium USA for Africa. He also released a solo album called My Favourite Headache in 2000.

Geddy Lee has also featured in How I Met Your Mother in season eight, Metal Evolution, Metal: A Handbangers Journey, and also Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage. He has received numerous awards and also nominations over the years. He has been awarded awards like the Best Rock Bass Player, Best Album for Bass, Coolest Bass Line in a Song, Living Legend, induction into the Juno Hall of fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, among others.

Net Worth of Geddy Lee

Geddy is a skilled individual with massive talents when it comes to music. He has built his brand, and he is one of the most esteemed rock and roll artists of today. Over the years he has proved to the world that he is indeed worthy of all the attention and fame. With his talent, he attracts a net worth of around $45 million. Even so, this figure could be more than this.

Geddy Lee is worth every dime he gets. He inspires many people and has helped many become the artists they are today without his knowledge. There are a lot of guitar skills and also keyboard skills that one can learn from him. As he keeps coming up with better sounds, we can be sure that we will continue to be hooked on him.