Freddie Wong Net Worth

Who is Freddie Wong and what is his net worth 2018? Freddie Wong is one of the renowned American filmmaker and musician. He is also popular as a VFX technician. He is so passionate about filmmaking that he founded and owned Overcrank Media, a Los-Angeles-based media company that makes videos and web series. Currently, Freddie mainly concentrates on web series along with his brother.

Freddie Wong was born to parents Kent Wong and Tuoya Wong on September 13, 1985. He has a younger brother Jimmy Wong (actor) who is a co-star of the Freddie web series called the Video Game High School.

Freddie Wong Net Worth 2018-2019

Freddie’s marital status is single, but it is found that Freddie was once close with Meghan Camerena but the relationship was later broken-up due to some circumstances.

Freddie Wong’s successful career began with the winning of 2007 World Series video games. He was popular for the song, “Less Talk More Rock” for its comic content. Its success motivated him to concentrate in the cinematic arts. After his graduation, Freddie formed “Rock Band” in 2007.

It was based on video games and was a great success. Due to his popularity, he was then honoured as the guest in various shows including Total Request Live and MTV “Gamer’s Week”. Wong then laid the foundation for his new band, “Hellanor Brozevelt” that debuted with the performance at Hard Rock café in New York.

Thereafter, Freddie started his filmmaking career, by helping Joe Penna in shooting a commercial video on McDonald’s in the year 2010. He also assisted production team like Wong Fu production, in capturing action scenes. Freddie Wong, then, produced, co-directed and acted in “Battlefield 3”, the TV Commercial. Freddie expresses that he did it by the request of Electronic Arts. Thereafter, his career mainly focused on production.

He established a production company known as “Rocket Jump” in 2011 along with his partners Desmond Dolly and Matt Arnold. He successfully ran YouTube channels “Rocket Jump” and “BrandonJLa”. In the field of filmography, he has lined up success in “the strongest man” (2015), “red vs. blue” in 2016. Currently, he is working as a director of Dimension 404.

Freddie Wong entered into Hall of Fame in the year 2007 when he won the title, “Guitar Hero 2” in the competition that was conducted at a world series of video games in Dallas. The greatest achievement of Freddie is that he runs two YouTube channels that have got more than 700 views and has attracted 4 million subscribers.

Freddie Wong Net Worth

Freddie Wong has a successful career in filmmaking and music industry. His YouTube channels, web series and videos are blockbusters. It is recorded that his channels are the 10th most subscribed channels. He has a net worth of $6 million.

Freddie Wong is one of those ordinary men who made the successful career with YouTube Channel, having 7 million subscribers, $1.8 million royalty and cameos from the celebrity such as, Eliza Dushku and Jean-Claude Van Damme.