Fred Durst Net Worth 2019

Who is Fred Durst and what is his net worth 2019? William Frederick is popularly known by his stage name Fred Durst is an American musician and lead singer who belonged from the famous music group ‘Limp Bizkit’ since 1994. Apart from a musician, he is also well-known for his filmmaking. The net worth of Fred Durst is impeccably glorious and highly acknowledged by millions. His musical career and independent filmmaking made Fred Durst net worth extremely worthy and significant.

Early Life

Fred Durst was an American by birth and was born on 20 August 1970 in the North Carolina, United States. In 1988, Fred did his graduation from Hunter Huss High School. Fred’s mother used to work at a church and his father was a police officer. At an early age of 12, Fred showed interest in different genres of music which included hip hop, breakdancing, heavy metal, and rock music.

Fred Durst Net Worth

This lead to experiment with music and he started doing rapping, beatbox, and deejaying as well. Fred has also joined the U.S. Navy and served there for some time. He also has a dog by the band group name ‘Bizket’. In his early days, Fred used to be a tattoo artist and also worked as a landscaper as well.

Fred Durst got hitched three times. Firstly he got married to Rachel Tergesen. They together have one daughter Adriana May Durst and one son Dallas. But eventually, the couple end in divorce. Later in 2009, he got hitched to Esther Nazarov which just lasted for only three months. Again, Fred got married for the third time and this time to a make-up artist named Kseniya Beryazina. He also dated model and actress Summer Altice and Leyla Bearman. In 2006, he announced his engagement with Krista Salvatore but the couples are no longer together now.


Before the kick start of Fred’s career in ‘Limp Bizkit’, Fred has played music for a number of bands like ‘10 Foot Shindig’, ‘Split 26’, and ‘Malachi Sage’.

In 1994, the formation of the band ‘Limp Bizkit’ was done by Fred Durst along with his companions. The band consisted of four members who include West Borland who was a guitarist, a specialist DJ named as Lethal, and a bassist named Sam Rivers and Fred himself was the lead singer of the band.

In 1997, the band Limp Bizkit signed the contract with Flip Records and after collaborating with them released their first debut album named as ‘Three Dollar Bill’ and ‘Y’all’ which got a mixed response from the audience worldwide.

In October 1997, Fred and his band joined hand with the American rock band Staind and together they recorded a demo and co-produced their next album ‘Dysfunction’.

Fred Durst with band acquired immense success with his other albums like ‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water’, and ‘Significant Other’.

In 2000, Fred performed a live stage performance with Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Award.

In 2002, Fred wrote a song for the popular singer Britney Spears.

In 2005, Fred and his band released their next album ‘Unquestionable Truth(Part 1)’ and which was a huge success and it sold over two million copies. Next, the band released their fourth album ‘Greatest Hitz’.

In 2006, Fred appeared in his debut film ‘Population 26’. He also appeared in several other shows and movies like ‘Zoolanders’, ‘House M.D.’, ‘Play Dead’, ‘Sorry, Haters’, and in many more films and shows.

Fred Durst was awarded the Jury Award at the Tribeca Film Festival for NY best narrative feature in the movie ‘The Education of Charlie Banks’ in 2007.

Net Worth of Fred Durst

Fred Durst is the lead vocalist of the band ‘Limp Bizkit’ and among the wealthiest and richest of the entire member of the band because he has exhibited his skill also in acting besides singing. This fetched him to earn a lot of profit and earning in both ways. Fred Durst total net worth is about $22 dollars approximately.

Being a profound and notable musician worldwide with his band ‘Limp Bizkit’, Fred Durst has shown impeccable talent and skill to reach this position of height.